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Kumari Healing ESSENCE – 4oz Bottle


It is general purpose healing, essence oils are appropriate for anyone and any condition to bring the mind, body, emotions and spirit back into balance.

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Product Description

Kumari means “Goddess of Youth” in Sanskrit. Use this healing mist to feel more vibrant, youthful and serene. (Pets love it too!)

Water has memory” says renowned water crystal researcher Dr. Emoto and holds energy and intention. KumariHealing Essence is a result of 22 years of mastering energy healing using Reiki, crystals, alchemy crystal bowls and sound healing technologies powerfully infused into pure distilled water. I make each bottle personally by hand (not with energy machines) and store them in my personal healing room.

“I am thrilled with the water. I have only applied it twice–by spraying my hands and then stroking him. My cat Chucho was scratching 4-5 times a day for several months–and that’s just this latest round. But his scratching has gone down a lot. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen him scratch at all in the last few days! Also, his ears, which used to be all grainy with little fatty bumps, are clear and smooth.”

– Jack Eppler, NY



The Essence is distilled water energized with the highest vibrational andara crystals, alchemy crystal bowls and Reiki, or Universal Life Force, energy. It has a minute amount of iodine to stabilize the water.

It is general purpose healing, appropriate for anyone and any condition to bring the mind, body, emotions and spirit back into balance.

Suggested application:

Spray 3-4 times a day around and above the body (cage) for 3 weeks. If an animal is afraid of the spray, just apply to your hand and pet or touch normally. If feral, mist spray around their environment or carrier.

“Kumari’s Essence is like an extension of one of her amazing healing treatments — I wouldn’t miss a day!”

– Peter Holyk, MD

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Kumari is a catalyst for spiritual evolution. An internationally recognized spiritual visionary, intuitive coach, master healer, best-selling author and animal mystic, Kumari empowers healers, coaches, conscious entrepreneurs, and
animal and health care professionals to unwrap their intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts.

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