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Intuitive Healing Café


The Intuitive Healing Café is an ongoing yearly program full of powerful support! You'll be charged $197 immediately for the entire year.

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Step by Step System to Increase Your Intuition

Enjoy this Free Training Video where Kumari reveals key components to opening your intuitive channels so you can make every decision (eg business, relationships, health) with the highest confidence and courage.

healing-roundI believe…Intuitive Healing Energy

(or Energy Alchemy – shifting one state or situation into another)…

is the most powerful force for change on earth.

And I also believe…

EVERYONE is Intuitive… and everyone can be a Healer and Alchemist, with support and training. These are innate abilities within all of us, yet they may be lying dormant and suppressed as it certainly hasn’t always been COOL to be a healer and claim your direct connection to SOURCE (think witch hunts, Inquisitions, and the dominant belief that only rational mind left brain thinking is real, and you start to get the picture).

If you really care about people (& pets) and want to:


  • make a difference in the world;
  • take the best care of yourself, your loved ones, even your animals
  • gain clarity and insight for any situation
  • feel powerfully connected to Soul and Source
  • live your dream life doing what you love and be your own boss;
  • send healing support from anywhere in the world;

All while enjoying the amazing impact energy healing can give you and your family, friends and clients… please read on!

All of your dreams can come true through the power of intuitive energy healing.

Hi, my name is Kumari…

I am a best-selling author, master healer, intuitive coach and animal mystic.

UntitledI have been endorsed and hired by, and shared the stage with world renowned Spiritual teachers and cutting edge scientists, multi-million dollar coaches and CEOs, Top Psychics and Broadway Performers, Olympic show jumpers and International Polo Club, world renowned physicians and veterinarians.

I have created a 6-figure transformational business teaching internationally and doing exactly what I love, (truly helping people and animals), and feeling aligned with my Highest Purpose.

But it wasn’t always this good…

In following my dreams I had to overcome two divorces, a mountain of debt (that ended in bankruptcy) and I was even homeless at one point (thank God for friends and family who took me in!) At one point my family even freaked out thinking that I had joined a cult. I have no regrets and I rarely even mention these things except to point out that if I can turn this all around… I know YOU can too!

Now people call me a “Soul Communicator”, Consciousness Coach, a cutting edge visionary and spiritual leader… And while it is wonderful of course to hear, I have to admit that the most important accomplishment in my life… the most fulfilling moments…

What I am MOST passionate about…

side closeup 2is empowering YOU… the (future) TEACHERS, HEALERS, CONSCIOUS LEADERS (I like to call you the PLANET SHIFTERS) to unwrap YOUR intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts.

Let me ask you something…

Whether you are a “newbie” and just starting to test the intuitive and healing waters; or you are already a healing professional, therapist or coach…

What blocks YOU from really diving into your intuitive, manifesting and energy healing skills and creating your dream life?

Over the past 25 years this is what I’ve heard most frequently from my clients and students:

  • I feel so isolated where I live and work and I can’t talk to anyone about the spiritual and energetic shifts that are happening with me;
  • I still need more support, guidance and practice so I can begin to trust myself and my abilities
  • I need more help to hold the higher energies and release my doubts and limiting beliefs
  • I would love a conscious community where where I could feel safe exploring and practicing my intuitive and healing skills
  • MORE AFFORDABLE ACCESS –can’t always travel to your workshops cuz I am a zillion miles away in Australia, Europe, etc.
  • I need help valuing, claiming and communicating my unique gifts so I can reach my ideal clients and get paid what I am worth

Well for those of you who have been asking to get more healing and intuitive support, more easily AND affordably, your prayers are answered…

While teaching in a paradise setting in Panama (which produces the best coffee in world now), I was inspired to create a global community with an international “café” feeling where everyone loves to hang out and share new experiences, practice new techniques, and become uplifted and inspired any time… anywhere!

I am thrilled to offer



MY VISION for this ONLINE GLOBAL COMMUNITY – is to have one central place where we:

  • awaken and strengthen our innate intuitive clarity (yes this includes animal communication!) and energy healing abilities
  • learn how to manifest and co-create our dreams more effectively, and share our collective visions for the New Earth
  • share a sacred space where we celebrate the glory… and difficulty… of being a spiritual being in a human body at one of the most exciting yet challenging times in history.

I have SO much to share I am about to burst!

This Café feels like the perfect SOUL-UTION to create a sacred healing and heart sharing “satsang” (Sanskrit for community of truth-seekers) we all are longing for…



Twelve Months of Audio + Video Training

IMG_8093When you join the Cafe, you’ll receive twelve months of audio & video training + intuitive inspiration and healing delivered to your brand-new favorite hangout. We’ll cover topics focused on Energy Alchemy, which includes: energy healing, intuition, manifesting, meditation, channeling, vibrational and sound healing, healing with essential oils, and so much more!

Monthly LIVE Q&A Call

You’ll get an hour with me personally every single month alongside your other Café members where you can get all of your burning questions answered and spotlight intuitive coaching and healing!

Private Online Community

Members gain access to a safe and focused space that serves your desire for sharing best practices, conscious healing resources and connecting with spiritually aware soul brothers and sisters. Within our group, you can even request a Cafe buddy to partner with and receive more intimate support and accountability in creating the shifts you are desiring

Member-Only Discounts

All members will receive special savings as well as first options on my programs, courses and retreats.

Member-Only Resources

Golden air kissThroughout your time in the Cafe, I’ll also be providing members with bonus tips, templates, and techniques that will be focused on topics chosen by YOU, the Intuitive Healing Café community. This means that whatever you are struggling with in the moment (or what you need more support around) can get the attention it deserves.

Opportunity to Win a Private Animal Communication Session

Members also have the chance to win a members-only drawing for a private animal communication session with me EACH MONTH! This session will be recorded and that audio recording will be shared with the members for additional intuitive practice and feedback each month.

And that is just the beginning…


Six of My How to Heal Anything VIDEOS – (Value: $582)

IMG_8656You’ll receive over nine hours of the most cutting edge, advanced healing videos in which I raise your vibration with myriad energy tools and walk you through the Rays of Creation targeted for…

  1. Healing GRIEF So You Can Break the Cycle of Pain and Loss and Reclaim Your Inner Equilibrium and Peace.
  2. Healing GUILT and SHAME So You Can Release the Pain of the Past and Empower Your Future.
  3. Healing DRAMA, CHAOS and CRISIS; Being Peace.
  4. Healing ILLNESS and DIS-EASE; Anchoring in Well-Being and Vitality.
  5. Healing IMPATIENCE; Anchoring in Patience and Compassion.
  6. Healing ANXIETY and WORRY; Anchoring in Contentment and Calm.

Bonus Videos, Audios and Webinars

When you join, you’ll also receive the following:

  • Healing Meditation and Dolphin Bliss Video
  • Healing Intentions Webinar
  • The Key to the Perfected Christed Light
  • 3 Keys to Claim Your Divine Inheritance
  • Align Your Divine

Here are just a few of the things people have said about our videos and other resources:

This meditation had me rolling around the floor giggling in BLISS for hours!”

“Bhupinder Goraya, MD ENGLAND

“Kumari this was the most profound and useful seminar ever!”

~Leesa Wheeler, author, Atlanta, GA


Five Hours of Professionally Recorded Audio Downloads (Value: $130)

Awaken Your Soul (3-CD Audio Download)

UntitledA complete ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM to create the foundation for healing yourself , your pets, and raising your vibration so you can manifest more of what you DO want and less of what you DON’T want.

Integrating energy healing technologies, powerful intentions, meditation techniques and sound healing with 5th Dimensional alchemy crystal bowl attunements, Awaken Your Soul will help you to more easily manage your personal energy so you can consistently take charge of your thoughts and emotions rather than be in reaction to everything and everyone around you. You will learn energy alchemy tools to help you:

  • release limiting beliefs and others energies and negativity
  • raise your vibrational frequency so your energy is holding higher states of awareness more easily and
  • align your intentions with all that your Heart and Soul desire…

So you can be the “Happy Healthy Wealthy & Wise” human that you long to be and experience yourself as the Divine Human that you truly are. You are invited to journey with me into the Clarity, Purpose and Abundance of the Awakened Soul.

Connecting with All Life Meditation

UntitledConnecting with All Life Audio Download is a breakthrough technology in reaching deep states of mental stillness, profound relaxation, and heart-centered connectedness and communication immediately. This meditation has the following amazing benefits included…

  • Quieting and stilling the mind
  • Opening the heart-space facilitating true communication
  • Deep relaxation and stress relief
  • Heightened awareness and intuition
  • Deepening connections to all life
  • Easily entering into a state of Oneness with all

Our Brand New Animal Communication Ebook

UntitledA compilation of my most powerful teachings on animal communication that will empower you to create ever deepening connections with the animal brethren who grace your lives.  The Keys were taught to me by the animals themselves and the resulting and often shockingly rapid transformations that some may consider “miraculous” actually occur with great regularity, in every species, domestic and wild.

In this potent yet practical Ebook, you will discover:

  • What is Animal Communication or “Interspecies Telepathic Communication” and what it is not
  • Amazing benefits of animal communication for you and your pets
  • What may be blocking you from communicating telepathically
  • How to deal with the No. 1 obstacle to overcome
  • How to strengthen your telepathic communication “muscles”
  • How to Recognize the most common communications from animals

A Stocked Full Article Library

Over 60 Original articles organized by topics for easy access on:

  • Energy Healing & Energy Management Tools
  • Manifesting, Intentions & Affirmations
  • Animal Communication & Healing
  • Reiki
  • Spiritual Transformation & Awakening Consciousness

Read what some of our past clients had to say about these super bonuses:

“I listen to your Awaken your Soul all the time; it is FABULOUS!

~Orgena Rose, singer, TV host

“Kumari’s soothing voice, accompanied by gentle, restful music, will take you deep into the heart of hearts, and open the richness of divine love through your own breath and being. A meditative gem!”

– Penelope Smith, interspecies communication pioneer, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit

I can honestly say that just one of these tips, training videos/audios and resources could literally SAVE you:

  • thousands of dollars in health care & vet bills;
  • oodles in lost revenue, missed work and low productivity
  • missed opportunities and the sorrow of not living to your fullest;
  • heartache of months–or even years–of emotional pain and mental anguish
  • no exaggeration, these techniques could save your life; as it has for many of my clients ….and their beloved pets.




coffeeYou can have all of this for WAY less than the price of a latte…for under 54 cents a day!

Over a $1,000 in life-changing trainings immediately accessible just for joining, plus all the monthly calls and audios to come, your membership into the Intuitive Healing Cafe is a no-brainer.  Not to mention what this program can potentially save you … a ton of precious time and money that is currently being wasted by not being your happy, healthy, highest magnificent self.

I sincerely hope you join me and other kindred spirits for what is bound to be a life-altering experience… Grab your favorite cup of Joe, Java, or Green Tea and LET’S HANGOUT…and together

Let’s get the world HEALED!

checkYes Kumari, I’m SO ready to learn how to strengthen my Intuition, Healing and Manifesting skills for pennies per day!

One Year Membership Only $197/year!

PS — Wanna know how you can earn your membership??  When you join, and refer friends to the Cafe, you have the opportunity to earn a commission if they also register! We have an automated affiliate program that offers competitive commission rates on most of our products and programs, so it won’t take you long to earn back your investment in the Café. AND perhaps more significantly, you’ll be bringing more of the people you love and respect into an awesome healing environment where you can practice and support each other with all your new techniques! Learn more here.

PPS — For your convenience, we’ll automatically renew your membership so that you can continue to receive your content on a timely basis.



Tap Into the Power of Communityholding hands Mastery

“There’s a community of the spirit.
Join it, and feel the delight.”
~ Sufi mystic poet Rumi

“Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead


Client Raves…This Could Be You!

“I can’t believe how important and impactful it has been to be part of a conscious community like this. I am deeply grateful to be so supported and held in such a heartfelt, powerful and sacred space, and to be able to do the same for others. I always feel so much gratitude and joy for the wisdom shared… Gently and masterfully guided by Kumari’s loving wisdom, we also learn from one another, co-creating a powerful space of expansion and growth. It is both esoteric and practical. 

There is an honesty, a humility, a purity, a clarity, a sincerity and an essence of refinement (as in very pure high frequency) to your teaching and coaching. Even the word elegance comes to my mind, in the way that you share your own direct knowing, your own broad wisdom encompassing lessons from others, and your own life experiences. You are also very real world practical, you walk the talk, and that’s the harder part. You set the example for us to see that despite or even because of life’s challenges, life can be lived with highest of intentions and honor.  Through your pure intention pours the love of Mother-Father God like a wise parent to a beloved child- you encourage us to embody our own empowerment through example-supporting and teaching and holding our hands when needed, yet all the while encouraging independence and strength to stand on our own. LOVE IT!”

~ Wendy Harmic, Chief of Operations/Engineering, School of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University, Washington DC

“Thank you for an amazing call Kumari.  I experienced a beautiful shift… All of my problems have disappeared! It was fantastic! The energy was so high I feel great –wonderfully light. I love being part of this Circle! I feel like I’ve found a spiritual home after a time in the wilderness. Thank you.

~ Bhupinder Goraya, MD, United Kingdom |

Want to use this article in your blog or ezine? You may, so long as you include this with the article:
Kumari is a catalyst for spiritual evolution. An internationally recognized spiritual visionary, intuitive coach, master healer, best-selling author and animal mystic, Kumari empowers healers, coaches, conscious entrepreneurs, and
animal and health care professionals to unwrap their intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts.

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