How to Heal Anything: Criticism and Blame


Pre-recorded healing session, to watch at your leisure.

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During this 90-minute video program, I will personally take you through advanced healing techniques to raise your vibration and clear the energetic pattern and deep-seated emotional debris of Criticism and Blame that:

  • Poisons relationships, hurting your loved ones and yourself, and drives away the very people who are trying to support you
  • Keeps you focused outwardly on other people and circumstances, and blocks your ability to “be the change” that you want to experience
  • Makes you feel ashamed of your unkind words and negative attitude (even to yourself!) so that you feel that you don’t deserve loving and supportive relationships, or even business and financial success

In this targeted Advanced Healing video program, you will:

  • Learn how to set clear and powerful intentions so that your “attention” is on what you can do to move forward rather than focusing on the past (and therefore attracting) more of what you DON’T want to experience
  • Understand the hidden reasons WHY you may keep blaming yourself and others instead of being more positive and easy-going
  • Laser focus on the underlying pattern of Criticism that keeps popping up in many aspects of your life, and pull it out by the roots!
  • Listen to state of the art Vibrational Medicine attunements from high frequency alchemy crystal bowls that amplify intention and harmonize all body systems, even the mental and emotional bodies.

This video program is for you if:

  • You are ready to release the critical mindset and the past so you can be fully in the present with a more positive outlook
  • You want to stop using Blame as an excuse to hide out and become the teacher, healer, leader, and light-bearer that you are
  • You wish to have more rewarding and fulfilling personal relationships and business success
  • Want to stop resisting what is and enjoy more Acceptance, Detachment and self-worth so you can focus on accomplishing your BIG VISION