Connecting with all Life CD


Connecting with All Life CD is A Meditation with Animal Mystic and Healer, Kumari Mullin



Connecting with All Life Audio Download is
A Meditation with Animal Mystic
and Healer, Kumari Mullin

Do you want to…

  • Communicate with animals?
  • De-stress quickly?
  • Meditate deeply?
  • Awaken your intuition?


Connecting with All Life Audio Download is a breakthrough technology in reaching deep states of mental stillness, profound relaxation, and heart-centered connectedness and communicationimmediately.

Many people have asked me to teach them how to communicate with animals, how to meditate, still the mind, and relax and release tension and pain.  The difficulty in “teaching” animal communication is just that; it is not something that is taught, it is a natural ability available to everyone to connect using all of our extended senses.

The problem is we as a society have shut down this innate sensitivity, and I have spent the last 20 years learning how to get into my heart and open up this “inner radar”.  For me my intuitive abilities were a natural extension of the increased sensitivity in sensation and subtle forces from my countless Reiki energy healing sessions and classes, combined with the disciplines of meditation and yoga, chanting, and breath work.

So imagine my surprise when a client told me she was leaving the state and asked me to teach a class on “How to Communicate with Animals”.  I replied that I was very confident in my ability to tune myself to animals, but I didn’t really have a clue how to teach someone else.  Reiki healing, yes, of course, I had been teaching for years.  But animal communication?  I said no, I didn’t think so.

Gratefully, she didn’t take no for an answer, and went ahead and organized a class of 10 people who insisted that I teach them!  Amazed by their confidence in me, I thought, Okay, something is happening here. I need to pay attention.  So I sat and meditated and asked Spirit “what should I do”?  How do I short-cut my extensive years of spiritual practices and healing techniques and help people get in the intuitive heart-space where “true communication” originates in a day or two?

And the answer I received is the exact meditation you will hear in this program… it is so powerful and simple, and has been the catalyst for opening so many hearts to this wonderful ability so successfully, that it has become the cornerstone of my workshops to this day.  It worked so well, that it gave me the courage to teach.  This directive from Spirit has taken people into the deepest meditations they have ever experienced, continuing to surprise me with its effectiveness.  I actually use it myself as it works for me too!

See What These Listeners Had to Say!

Top Holistic Veterinarian states:


“In order to truly “communicate” with an animal, one must become profoundly centered and quiet inside. That is not easy for most people to learn, yet this is the major skill to master.

This program supports one to do just that with melodious narrative and healing sound.

Kumari is the best teacher I’ve met in preparing a person for animal communication.

– Dr. Gerald Buchoff, Past President of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association


Interspecies Communication Pioneer states:

“Kumari’s soothing voice, accompanied by gentle, restful music, will take you deep into the heart of hearts, and open the richness of divine love through your own breath and being.

A meditative gem!”

– Penelope Smith, interspecies communication pioneer, author of Animal Talk, When Animals Speak, Animals in Spirit, and editor of Species Link magazine

Executive Director of Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc. states:


“This is the BEST meditation CD I have ever heard. Kumari guides me quickly to where I want to be without unnecessary distractions.

Every person who thinks they are too busy to meditate needs this CD now!”

– Pamela Holyk, Exec Director, Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc.


A Zoologist and Peacebuilder states:

“Tranquil and cleansing, this meditation soothes the Soul.

Kumari’s melodious voice seeps into your Being like water into earth, and uplifts you to the place of Oneness with All.”

– Gail Lash, PhD. Zoologist/Peacebuilder

A Public Speaking Coach states:


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Kumari’s program.

The combination of Kumari’s voice, words and incredible music, took me to places that I have never been before. My heart was OPEN wide and my intuition was extremely heightened.

Everyone needs to get this divinely inspired audio program. It is Amazing!”

– Amonda Rose Igoe, Public Speaking Coach

Connecting to All Life Audio Program
Will Change Your World

This meditation has the following amazing benefits included…

  • Quieting and stilling the mind
  • Opening the heart-space facilitating true communication
  • Deep relaxation and stress relief
  • Heightened awareness and intuition
  • Deepening connections to all life
  • Easily entering into a state of Oneness with all

The #1 Reason Why Many Meditation/Intuition
Programs Fail and How the “Connecting with
All Life Meditation Program” Helps

A key to the Connecting with All Life CD is that it is sustainable—without sacrificing potency, it is completely user-friendly and repeatable.

There are countless self-improvement methods out there that purport to help you quiet the mind, and they begin to explain in challenging language and esoteric concepts how to do so.

But Connecting with All Life CD is different.

I have packed 20 years of my own spiritual journey and thousands of hours of austere spiritual practice energetically into this compact transmission, and made it

accessible—taking out the guess work.  I don’t just tell you where to go—I take you there.  I enter the deep stillness on this CD and hold the door open for you to easily follow.There are many spiritual teachers that convince you that you need to  spend hours a day and countless years of practice to achieve deep states of meditation and profound stillness.  You need to travel to exotic places and live very disciplined lifestyles to become pure enough for the teachings.   It feels exhilarating at first and then it just becomes frustrating trying to keep it up, and fit it in to our hectic lifestyles. So you try to do some simpler things and find that they don’t give you the depth you were looking for or the results promised.

Additionally, I added cutting edge sound healing technology, coupled with the soothing and inspired guidance is guaranteed to work in a minimum time commitment—the guided section is just 10 short minutes and another 10 minutes of healing sound if you wish to stretch it out.  The uplifting tones of crystal bowls, native flutes, gentle rainfall, and rainforest ambiance from Cicada Sounds are used to deepen the meditative and healing effects. And it is all in a concise form so that anyone can fit it into their schedule daily—no excuses!

Personal Note From Animal Mystic Kumari

mys⋅tic [mis-tik] –noun “one who seeks the Truth of Life beyond the five senses”

Learning animal communication for me was an organic process that has its roots in meditation, contemplation, yoga, and Reiki energy healing while sitting for over 20 years at the feet of Spiritual Masters. My latent intuition was naturally unveiled through all of these disciplines.

When I was asked to teach others, I pondered how I would capture my seemingly lifelong spiritual practice of stilling the mind and opening the heart, and my 18 years of mastering energy healing, in a course. As always, Spirit showed the way, gifting me with this beautiful heart-opening meditation that I still use in every Animal Communication playshop to help students get into the “space” where true communication originates.

My lifelong experience with animals has proven that they are Teachers of incomparable skill awaiting the “mystic” in all of us to venture forth and seek the Truth of Life beyond the ordinary senses.

This CD is dedicated to the Mystic in all of us!