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Ascended Master Meditation at Aruna – OCTOBER 2018

- 90 video replay (Love Offering)

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The deeper recesses of repressed and unresolved emotional energy (anger, self-loathing, deep grief and sadness) is swamping everyone as the LOVELIGHT of 2018 has been taking no prisoners :)  Meaning it is stripping us naked of our stuff, whether we feel ready or not.

Our sole (SOUL) purpose for the October Aruna Ascended Master meditation was deep clearing of our mostly subconscious emotional debris so that we can more easily integrate the existing intense frequencies of light.  Personally, it feels like we moved a mountain in 90 minutes; more like how I feel after a 3 day retreat!!

It is as if we can’t take our baggage one step further…and the collective detox of negativity has created a thick dense fog in and around us all.  Interestingly during the Violet Flame healing, many people were having Throat chakra clearings, as the High Heart chakra (thymus gland) is being opened and attuned to the 5th Dimensional light body.  This represents the need for becoming aware of and expressing our feelings and thoughts, rather than repressing them and “biting your tongue.” Time to speak up and speak out from your heart.

Aruna October Highlights:

  • Evolution of Aruna, from sacred portal to the Ascended Master retreat and crystal “stonehenge” city of light
  • Why so many are feeling swamped with old emotional baggage that cannot be easily shifted, as we must now tend the deeper personal growth work that is surfacing
  • Yeshua explains that we are still in the midst of “the Great Purge
  • Aruna meditations are creating a bridge between the ancient wisdom teachings and practices and the higher 5th Dimensional New Earth/New Human
  • Chanting the Maha (greatest) Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya to activate powerful healing for your mental/emotional bodies, promote peace and clarity and send out positive vibes while focused on connecting to your Highest Self
  • Germain healing with the Violet Flame of Transmutation enhanced with the Gold Ray of Wisdom and Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony. Focused here  on clearing deep wounding and old emotional debris personally. This powerful alchemy tool can also be directed to healing any situation, person or place, and facilitate powerful transmutations of old heavier energies and raises everything to very high frequency.
  • Alchemy Crystal Bowl sound healing attunements with new Gold Therapeutic bowls
  • *NEW* Ascended Master Initiations: How the Ascended Masters are directly attuning our new crystal tools for evolution jewelry to support your ascension path.


Aruna Gratitude: 

“Thanks so much for the poignant Aruna message concerning personal work.. we all are astonished at the old ancestral and genetic patterns purging from our bodies and throats without many breathers in between. It wasgreat to rejuvenate through sound healings/violet flame meditations.  I felt Ascended MasterHilarion’s presence (green color– health and healing)  as you brought in St. Germain’s flame to the room.”

“I have had a lot of emotions arise that are really overwhelming for a few months now. I got the time mixed up so I didn’t attend live.  ButI did feel your healing.  It was magically wonderful and I feel very grateful.  It’s been much easier to function normally and move out the debris since the healing.”

“It was beyond awesome…amazing as always. Thank you so much both of you!”

“I certainly received so much from the experience. I discovered Yeshua was my missing piece. Looking forward to November…and of course (service dog) Tyler will join us. He was really at peace, too!”

“I appreciated the Aruna livestream so much!  I have been going through a period of being “shaken up” so that new awarenesses can come in.  It feels like a new freedom in being able to step back and begin seeing myself in a new and expanding way.  Thank you so much for your LOVE!!!”


 Crystal Tools for Evolution JEWELRY

crystalThey anchor in the purity of your I AM presence, bringing the powerful Gold and Silver cosmic Rays into form. Recently I was guided to offer a way to assist you to more easily embody the higher 5th Dimensional crystalline Light Body through these spectacular crystal jewelry.

Through our continuing lightwork at Aruna, the crystal jewelry is being directly initiated by the Ascended Masters to hold a higher wisdom awareness, heralding a new era of harmony and love, and the purity of your I AM presence. 

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