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Meeting the Maker

Ascended Master Meditation at Aruna – NOVEMBER 2018

- 90 video replay (Love Offering)

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We are now working on a whole new level!!

This powerful 11.11.11 gateway, Full Moon and Diwali Festival of Light celebrations offer a unique doorway to anchor the highest Angelic Light codes.

Several of us saw is that collectively we are building a Bridge of Rainbow Light between our 12th and highest Stellar Gateway chakra and Source. Many participants SAW rainbows driving home in Florida, and all the way to UK. Needless to say, it is a great and extremely rare honor and achievement for us all.


  • Why so many are feeling swamped with deeply held emotional baggage that cannot be easily shifted, as we must now tend the deeper personal growth work that is surfacing
  • How the Endocrine Glands are evolving and are the “first responders” to the new Angelic frequencies that are being downloaded to us now
  • Chanting the Maha (greatest) Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya to activate powerful healing for your mental/emotional bodies, promote peace and clarity and send out positive vibes while focused on connecting to your Highest Self
  • Mahatma Healing Activation: a collective of Great Souls who are offering the highest vibrations for us to heal, integrate and accelerate our ascension process
  • Endocrine Gland Healing and Upgrade with Mahatma Energy
  • Sound Healing with new Endocrine crystal frosted bowls – tuned specially to resonate with chakras related to endocrine glands.
  • Yeshua says GO BIG or GO HOME when asking and connecting spiritually
  • NEW LEVEL: We are now working directly with COUNCIL OF 12 right next to the Godhead. Intro to the Council of 12 immediately surrounding the Godhead
  • Aruna meditations are creating a Rainbow Bridge of Light from our 12th and highest Stellar Gateway Chakra directly to Source.
  • *NEW* Ascended Master Initiations: How the Ascended Masters are directly attuning our new Crystal Tools for Evolution jewelry to support your alignment with your highest ascension path.


Aruna Gratitude: 

“Another glorious day!!! I saw lots of violet and white light around you, and then a rainbow at the end of the meditation, which others confirmed. Seeing rainbows every day!”

“I have had a lot of emotions arise that are really overwhelming for a few months now. Even though I missed the livestream, I did feel your healing. It was magically wonderful and I feel very grateful. It’s been much easier to function normally and move out the debris since the healing.”

“The most awesome thing happened on the way home from Aruna yesterday. I saw a double rainbow over Sebastian. I heard it was a gift from the higher ups. After talking about rainbows in meditation, felt it was very fitting. During last month’s Aruna gathering I saw that 5D earth no longer overlay 3D earth. Instead there was a thin rainbow bridge connecting the two and then there was another rainbow that connected 5D to 7D earth…. So very awesome. Can’t wait to see what next month’s Aruna brings!”

“I appreciated the Aruna livestream so much! I have been going through a period of being “shaken up” so that new awarenesses can come in. It feels like a new freedom in being able to step back and begin seeing myself in a new and expanding way. Thank you so much for your LOVE!!!”


 Crystal Tools for Evolution JEWELRY

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey anchor in the purity of your I AM presence, bringing the powerful Gold and Silver cosmic Rays into form. Recently I was guided to offer a way to assist you to more easily embody the higher 5th Dimensional crystalline Light Body through these spectacular crystal jewelry.

Through our continuing lightwork at Aruna, the crystal jewelry is being directly initiated by the Ascended Masters to hold a higher wisdom awareness, heralding a new era of harmony and love, and the purity of your I AM presence. 

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