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Ascended Master Meditation at Aruna – MARCH 2019

- 90 video replay (Love Offering)

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If you don’t want your heart to burst open, overflowing with joy and sweet love, then please DON’T purchase this replay :)

After just completing the Bliss retreat and the exquisite and powerful Anointing with Yeshua and the Magdalenes, it was possibly the most ecstatic chanting I ever experienced…which is saying a lot. But part way through, I actually felt Mother Mary singing through me, and I had to really expand my whole being to allow the full power of her divine voice to flow through. My heart was full beyond measure, as everyone was so open and singing totally free, and I am still swimming in a pool of….blissaliciousness! (say that three times fast:):)

It felt like there couldn’t possibly be anything more to do or say, but in this Bliss theme meditation we also covered:

  • Chanting Ananda Hum = I AM BLISS
  • Practical ways to cultivate contentment, an aspect of bliss
  • How Divine Light emanates as the true essence of all creation
  • Practicing seeing Divine Light in others
  • How the body produces a neurotransmitter called Anandamide, the “Bliss Molecule”
  • How accessing the Mahatma energies, or Great Soul Collective that assists humanity to create and hold their divine light body
  • Ananda Activation to open the brain to allow more bliss molecules to release plus
  • Powerful Mahatma activation to rejuvenate the glandular systems and recalibrate them to higher frequencies.


 Aruna Testimonials

Feeling truly supported with Divine Mother connection

On Valentine’s Day I felt the wonderful LoveLight you were sending us. I felt Quan Yin on my left side and the Magdalene’s on the right. Just exquisite!! This Aruna meditation and connection with the Divine Mother…I am feeling truly supported now. So beautiful and wonderful!!” –Teresa P. Atlanta


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