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Ascended Master Meditation at Aruna – JANUARY 2019

- 90 video replay (Love Offering)

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If I do say so myself, this one was spectacular!

Had a new (to me) drop in Ascended Master, Hilarion, who is the Chohan of the 5th Ray of Truth, Science and Healing. So appropriate for the intense clearing and resetting we accomplished for the new year.

We covered:

• Intro to Aruna’s purpose of Regeneration and deep restoration, our theme as well
• How the body is constantly regenerating, and examples of spontaneous healings
• 2019 is whole new energy for manifesting now, and how challenging the past years have been
• Intro and message from Hilarion, Master of Healing and Truth
• New lively chant version of the Maha Mantra Om Namah Shivaya
• Clearing and Detox with Alchemy Bowls Citrine and Tesseract Salt
• Amplification of Higher Love, and adding Self Love with Ocean Gold Dolphin bowl – special version tuned to Solfeggio Scale at 528hz which is vibration of Love and Miracles
• Calling forth the Gold Ray of Christ Consciousness with 24 carat Gold Bowl
• Lighting Hilarion’s Flame of Truth in the Heart – that we are all “God-Beings”

I truly felt that we all jumped up a level with this one, don’t you all?


 January Aruna Testimonials

Most remarkable healing – gave me strength to believe in myself

Spectacular is an understatement as I found it to be the most remarkable healing I’ve ever experienced. It was refreshing to hear there’s no right or wrong to it, but just feel, which is what I did! 

It began with the fountain on the porch with its glistening water sending white light to my heart.  It was the beginning of letting myself free from my inhibitions and preconceived notions.  So, when the crystal bowl was played and you told us to look for the green or gold, I found myself in the middle of OZ experiencing the warmth of gold and empowerment of green.  

Then these words came thru, and I experienced what I’ve been taught all along by teachers, therapists, the book I’ve written, because they all culminated in “Your power is within you and you are the one who must seek and embrace it.”  I do believe in my 67 years that I have felt the positive energy before, but was AFRAID to embrace it. 

I thank you for this journey as your teachings (tho’ you don’t call it that) gave me the strength to believe in myself and my goodness within.  Though my journey has just begun I will continue it with your help and brilliant knowledge!  PEACE & LOVE to you and Kumara

~ Debs n Tyler, Florida


From totally drowning to tingling release – helped a ton!!

Lately I’ve been really struggling and feeling like I am totally drowning.  Yesterday’s meditation helped a ton!  So much energy was moving for me.  Full body tingling and releasing. I felt so much better.  Thank you so much for all you give us!”

-Leslie, North Carolina


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