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Ascended Master Meditation at Aruna – DECEMBER 2018

- 90 video replay (Love Offering)

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The December 2018 Ascended Master meditation is a wowee zowee…it left me feeling amazing and fulfilled, as it feels that we accomplished another major planetary and personal upgrade.

We focused on connecting with the “christed” consciousness  through:

  • Deepening our understanding of what is the christed consciousness (and what it is not)
  • Creating space for more of our divinity by clearing our energy field of all we no longer need with a golden rose
  • Igniting the creator or godspark within our sacred heart chakra
  • Installing and activating the “godspark” back into each of our 12 chakras
  • Connecting with the newly accessed Council of 12 – the highest realm next to Source
  • Creating a golden chalice cup in our highest 12th chakra so we can contain more of the highest vibratory Light essences
  • Consciously flowing this divine lovelight through our center and activating the christed matrix in the earth
  • Pulling up this restored enlivened essence from the christed matrix back into our own beings. and being flooded with this luminous radiance.


 Crystal Tools for Evolution JEWELRY

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey anchor in the purity of your I AM presence, bringing the powerful Gold and Silver cosmic Rays into form. Recently I was guided to offer a way to assist you to more easily embody the higher 5th Dimensional crystalline Light Body through these spectacular crystal jewelry.

Through our continuing lightwork at Aruna, the crystal jewelry is being directly initiated by the Ascended Masters to hold a higher wisdom awareness, heralding a new era of harmony and love, and the purity of your I AM presence. 

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