Animal Communication Magic and Miracles eBook (Amazon/Kindle)

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13 Keys to Deepen Your Bond with Your Pets, Improve Health & Change Behavior Immediately
What every Animal Lover, Trainer, Breeder & Veterinarian should know
about accessing the expanded animal intelligence and awareness…



Animal Communication Magic and Miracles is a compilation of my most powerful teachings on animal communication that will empower you to create ever deepening connections with the animal brethren who grace your lives.  The Keys were taught to me by the animals themselves and the resulting and often shockingly rapid transformations that some may consider “miraculous” actually occur with great regularity, in every species, domestic and wild.

k1These “miracle” shifts have run the gamut from drastically improved health, even when vets have suggested euthanasia; better understanding of animal’s views and feelings; new and better behavior often instantaneously; a profound and deepening sense of loving connection;  and a growing acknowledgment and understanding of the depth and breadth of wisdom that these souls wearing animal clothes can impart.

It doesn’t take years to get started. You can begin to practice these techniques immediately!  Simply applying just one of the techniques can empower you to change both your life and that of your beloved fur-kids. This has been true for me and thousands of my clients world-wide, as I have witnessed with awe the lasting transformations in the lives of many animals… and their two-legged counterparts!

In this potent yet practical Ebook, you will discover:

  • What is Animal Communication or “Interspecies Telepathic Communication” and what it is not
  • Amazing benefits of animal communication for you and your pets
  • What may be blocking you from communicating telepathically
  • How to deal with the No. 1 obstacle to overcome
  • How to strengthen your telepathic communication “muscles”
  • How to Recognize the most common communications from animals

k2But it doesn’t end there…the animals really want you to succeed, and so do I!  So I also included practical, step-by-step techniques that I use in my workshops.  These proven meditations and energy management tools are designed to address the most important skills you need to develop in order to awaken your intuition and hone your subtle communications with your pets so you can:

  • release judgments and limiting beliefs so you can eliminate your doubts and pre-conceived ideas about what animals may or may not think and feel
  • become more present and centered in your mind and body
  • achieve a more neutral, detached state of mind so you don’t put your own thoughts and assumptions on your animals
  • quiet the mind and open the heart 

Remember, your animals really want you to succeed and are here to assist you on this sacred journey into the interior lives of the animal kingdom.  On the way, you may also find that they can offer some pretty awesome high level teachings on living life from a more joyful, loving, present, forgiving, accepting, balanced and aware place.  It just might be what the world needs now….


Love sweet love,

Kumari and Suki 

6 reviews for Animal Communication Magic and Miracles eBook (Amazon/Kindle)

  1. H. Schreiner

    One of our foster moms in Siamese Rescue read your kindle book on Animal Communication and it seemed to work on one of her difficult Foster cats.

  2. Kitty Best

    Currently reading AC Magic & Miracles 13 Keys…. :o) Thank you Kumari, it’s a beautiful book and the words of which definitely carry your energy.

  3. Sandi M

    Watch a great primer for anyone who wants to communicate with animals. Highly recommended! Helped my foster kitty!

  4. Donna M. Goodwin

    I used it with my foster cat and it worked! Nate is bad about being petted, or even touched. I went through the exercises, one of which was to tell him what I wanted (to have him accept petting) and why (because it would improve his chance of being adopted since most people want to pet their cats). That very night he came over to lie on my lap – never happened before!

    Since then he’s been much more accepting of getting petted. A friend recommended the book since nothing else had been working and I figured – couldn’t hurt! But it definitely helped!

  5. Diana Spencer

    For anyone who wants to better understand and more deeply bond with another sentient being, these simple techniques work. Even the most independent of my companion felines is more receptive to grooming when I am attuned to her with them. It feels wonderful, is amazing to watch, and is very gratifying. This book helps erase the artificial barriers humans have created through our own lack of awareness and our species-ism.

  6. C. Quinlan

    Excellent, informative and easy to read. Not only do I better understand my dogs but also increased my self-awareness. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a deeper relationship with themselves as well as their pets.

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