This prayer from my spiritual teacher Ma Jaya soothed my soul after 9/11 attacks, and it was wonderful to revisit it now.


At this time of pain for so many all over the world and so many hearts cry out for the Mother to help, I say to all of you to turn your gaze within.

The truth that you seek is in yourselves.

When you can send love to the many who are in so much need at this time, your whole being becomes a river of love.

The union that you seek with God is in the gentle touch that you give to someone who is in pain.

Send out your sweet breath of God to those whose lives were taken.

prayerEnter into yourself and find courage and strength.

Truly it is time to break all boundaries within your own being.

You are truth.

You are God’s Child.

We are all God’s Child.

The nectar of life can be tasted when you seek love and shun hate. 

Bring to your hearts a moment of silence in the beauty of love.

Ride the wings of all the angels that have just entered death’s realm.

Enter into the mansion of life within your soul.

The Soul has no gender.

Love has no gender.

Into the veins of life bring love, not hate.

Be ambitious in your love of God the Mother and God the Father.

Seek life for all peoples of this world.

Wear peace like a beautiful robe.

Live together, work together and bring peace together to a hurting world.

There are so many who need kind thoughts this moment.

Send your thoughts of kindness to all places in the world.


Let all become part of you, part of me, and part of them.

No separation.

Just people trying to live life the best they can as they wait for death and rebirth.

The depths of love live in your heart.

Touch your heart at this moment.


Expand your heart and keep doing it.

Let us rise out of the scent of death into the joy of life.

Be kind to everyone, and no one will have died in vain.

I love you all so very much and my prayers and pujas are to everyone’s God.

I pray that all men, women and children can feel the Universal Mother’s love and then give it away.

Meditate on Peace.

Pray for Peace.

Beg for Peace on the Wings of the Angels who are new to the heavens and watch over us.


Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati


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