In my previous article on “Spiritual Separation Anxiety” I spoke of the universal desire of humanity to find a solution to the pain of feeling separate from source. Once recognized, we journey to transcend the individual ego to create a sense of connectedness, leading to the consequent striving for the ultimate spiritual experience of union or merge with the divine.  At my recent Divine Human retreat, not one but many participants claimed this experience of union with God, or Source, which is highly unusual.

yes cloudsThe times they are a- changing.  There is definitely more energy and awareness available now than ever before; and more ease in accessing the expanded consciousness states that used to only grace those who dedicated their life in search of spiritual teachings.  Yet there is also more contrast, so when we are NOT experiencing that unified, harmonious, contented state it is much more apparent and painful.

No doubt, the new energy attunements I am being gifted are extremely powerful in assisting the experience of this divine merge.  Yet I am acutely aware that it is not something I am giving anyone; rather it is as if I am holding the door open for others to more easily walk through.  I am observing very clearly now what it takes to walk through this door to greater enlightenment.

What is required in each case is your unequivocal “YES”.  Sounds too simple, right?

“Yes, I reclaim my direct connection with Source.”  Simple yet not at all easy.  This “Yes” instantly makes your ego squirm big time.  It is not that your fears or unworthiness are completely removed or healed first; but your YES must bust through those layers and be stronger and clearer than the “I don’t know how my life will be” or the fear of change or letting go of things (thoughts, people, situations) that don’t serve you.

“Ask and you shall receive.”  Really??

Over the years I recall thinking this is too simple, as I was asking for many things that I didn’t receive.  There must be a catch.  Then I started thinking that it must be ME; that I wasn’t ready, or it wasn’t in my highest good, or maybe just not deserving enough.

During my Divine Human retreat, I noticed how many times I invited everyone to consciously commit to receiving the love, the light, and the blessings they said they wanted to experience.  Because the truth is there is often a big “NO” or an “I don’t know” right under the surface of our asking.

It comes in the form of uncertainty, doubt and fear.  “How will this affect me?  What will change? Who will I be?  Will I be ‘normal’?  Will I be able to perform my duties, or just want to space out?  Will I be able to stay in my marriage/job/town?  Will the change fit into my life?  Will people like me or make fun of me?” The ego mind hates change and would rather stay stuck in the known pain and discomfort rather than step into the unknown.  Shocking but true.

When I was offered to write the foreword for the book “Journey to Joy”, I asked that my words be a direct transmission of joy to all who read it.  And a wondrous thing happened; my beloved Jesus (Yeshua) appeared before me and I could see and touch his face; something that I have desperately desired for a very long time.  And it got even better — He stepped forward and merged into my body!  Blissful hardly captures what has ensued.  My YES was crystal clear.

But 25 years ago I had a similar opportunity –I began channeling Divine Beings and it freaked out my now ex-husband.  He asked me to “give it up” –and thinking I owed it to save the marriage, foolishly I did.  While I never lost my intuitive connection, the feeling of total merge was gone.  Now nothing and nobody would be worth compromising my direct connection to the divine.

Yeshua said now I was ready to offer the full “Anointing’ of Christ Consciousness. As a teacher dedicated to empowerment, for me the proof that I had this ability is in the pudding (that is YOU!). Yet when I began offering this new attunement, I could sense at times that recipients’ “yes” was not totally clear.  I noticed that was TRULY the only thing that blocked others from receiving this incredible gift of Higher Love. For them to fully receive what they said they wanted, they had to go deeper into their being and find the YES, even in spite of some very big fears.

Once this “yes” occurred, the power of their choice allowed the direct divine connection and energetic downloads.  It was that simple.  Many participants said they felt union with God, and whether they held Hindu, atheist, or shamanic beliefs did not matter. Whether they had meditated and performed spiritual practices for years or not was of no real consequence.

Dive into your asking.  Feel a full body sensation of where it resonates and where you hesitate.  Go into the hesitation, and recommit with this new awareness, this present time choice.  You do not have to let go of all fear and unworthiness, but you do need to consciously commit 100% — in spite of it.

Find your YES.  It contains awesome and instantaneous grace, power and divine alignment.

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