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At our last Ascended Master gathering, I received a message from the Council of Light (a collective of the highest Beings of Light, Ascended Masters, and archangelic realms) that was both very uplifting and very kick-butt if you haven’t yet answered the call in your own unique ways.

Council of Light Message:

“Be the calm in the storm. All hands on deck! If enough of you are anchoring the Lovelight, humanity’s consciousness raises significantly; if not, it decreases. This is a pivotal time to hold the focus on the highest: to trust in Source, trust in love as the best medicine, trust in your spiritual Self and practices.

YOUR vibration is key.

Staying in the frequencies of “powerful”,  “certain” and “well- being” (as we covered in Healing Fear and Staying Calm Meditation) and resisting fear-mongering.

Awareness does not equal fear.

 Aligned action does not equal panic.

 All the ways we have taught you to stabilize your state in the highest consciousness…
these practices now are much needed, yet this is not practice time. Truly this is time for the embodiment of your divine nature to balance your egoic nature.

This is time to STEP UP as spiritual way showers. Live your truth. Now. The world depends on this balance. You were sent, chosen, and volunteered to be here now. For this very moment.

It is a huge opportunity to raise consciousness. Don’t miss it. Dive inward.
Maintain your pristine state. Meditate. Chant. Serve. Love. Be fearless (NOT reckless.)

You are the front line in this corona virus “invasion.” Not the CDC, not public health organizations. Coronavirus is just a soldier in the army of love. Consciousness raising is the primary evolutionary purpose. Seeing from interconnectedness and  interdependence is the sought after shift. Leaders acting globally for the good of all is the goal.

awakening healers collective

Awakening Healers Collective is a compassionate, energetic global community offering personal intuitive guidance and energy alchemy tools for spiritual growth, profound healing, and real transformation.

Join Us

We are the Council of Light and all hands are on deck for you now. Call on us. You are not alone. We act as a group consciousness as it better serves our loftiest goals:

    • Awakening humanity to the truth of your divinity.
    • Awakening your soul to its full potential in light.
      • Awakening your hearts to their fullness in love

      Yours in divine service
    • The Council of Light

Kumari’s impressions:

Not one person less than every Light-bearer needed now. WE are the calm in the storm. All hands on deck…we are truly needed now more than ever. All the years of spiritual practices, energy healing, yoga and breath work, managing our mindset, was our training. This is no longer practice. This is the real deal. YOUR vibration is KEY. Ripple effect of it either adds to the calming balm, or we may lose ground.

A HUGE EXPANSION in Consciousness underway; we have an opportunity to see the truth or our interconnectedness.

Enormous energetic POWER is available now…what do you choose to use it for?

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