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When I asked Yeshua who was guiding Sunday’s Aruna meditation, I heard immediately “The Council of 12.”  They are not the same as Council of Light, and I was not aware of who they are or what they represent.  Then I saw a vision of incredibly brilliant rays of enormous light beings surrounding what I can only describe as a giant blazing central sun… and he explained that they are directly surrounding the Godhead!!!!!  Can you say….flabbergasted???We are now working at a WHOLE NEW LEVEL my chickadees.In our gathering, I felt the bump up in energy from the first word I uttered.

About the Council of 12

I had so many questions, as I never before heard of this Council and certainly never worked with them.  My understanding now is that they are a step above the  Ascended Masters and each Ascended Master is represented within, but the Council of 12 is not individualized; they are containers of pure and unique consciousness codes or blueprints for all CREATION.  Even Yeshua seemed a bit awed and surprised at this occurrence.  He mentioned how rare it is to work directly with them.

While I have worked with Jim Self’s Rays of Creation, this was a unique and different experience.  It was like being invited to meet and work directly with Creators of the Rays themselves, not just the energetic aspects, but the Master Choir Directors orchestrating all the universes.

I wondered if anyone else was familiar with them, so I googled it and found this description online which resonated the most with my experience:  “As Consciousness split itself, it was necessary for consciousness to be split within 12 beings to hold a resonance for the universe. These 12 beings created the basic building blocks that have allowed worlds to unfold. They maintain the integrity of the system ensuring that the fabric is not ripped, torn or shred, that things run smoothly within the boundaries of their creation.”

Meeting the MakerAnother mystic describes their ROLE:  These (Council of 12) Masters in the spiritual hierarchy are working with humanity and the Earth at this pivotal time of change, helping to facilitate the great shift in consciousness. A part of their role is to awaken people to their true Divine nature, and to accelerate spiritual transformation.

Patricia Cota Robles has spoken often of the 12 aspects of Deity that are entering our crown chakra in the form of a 12 pointed crystalline crown within our light body.  Interestingly, I have seen and felt this crystal crown activating for a few years now.

As I had no clue about proper etiquette at this highest level of spiritual heirarchy, I asked Yeshua if we should also invoke the ARCHANGELIC REALMS he playfully answered:  Why play small – play big or go home!!

About the High Heart Chakra

It is located between the Throat and Heart chakras. Like the Base of the Throat Chakra it is an important activator of higher consciousness.

The Christian esotericist Ann Ree Colton describes it as a minor white-fire chakra associated with the thymus gland (essential for the immunological system of the body), which works as a reflex centre for higher levels of consciousness  [ColtonKundalini West, p.64].

This may be the same as the centre briefly described in Tibetan Buddhism as the Fire Chakra, located midway between the Heart and Throat level, and possessing three petals or spokes. It is also referred to as one of the centres of concentration in Heschyastic Christian mysticism [Eliade, p.410].

It may also be the outer doorway for the inner spiritual centre referred to by Barbara Brennan as the “Soul Seat”, which she says is the source of meaning, direction, and spiritual longing in life [Brenann, Light Emerging, p.29].

John ONeill suggests that this chakra is where “intent” originates, that it links the emotions of the heart with the reason of language.

Many years ago I was with my spiritual teacher in Atlanta, and I was experiencing a lot of expansion in this high heart to throat region.  I had written to her that I felt it was time for me to teach again, and she noticed what was happening with me, and said that my Heart and Throat chakra were merging, so that I could teach from the heart space.  It felt monumental at the time and did seem to change how connected I felt when I speak.

Endocrine Gland Upgrades

I was guided to do an Endocrine Gland Healing and activation as last month Yeshua mentioned that everyone’s High Heart chakra is opening.  I noticed that everyone’s throat chakra was having challenges with flowing all that expanded energy, and I had a sense that the thymus and pineal glands were activating causing some temporary physical discomforts.  I even bought a new set of Crystal Bowls specifically tuned to balance the endocrine glands and correlating chakras.

Confirming my information, Celia Fenn a South African visionary writes:  “in order to better accommodate the flow and integration of the new Angelic Light Frequencies, the Light Body and Physical Body have had to undergo certain adaptations.

Firstly, the Pineal gland has been “enlarged” and restructured on the energy level to enable more light and frequency to be shared between the Physical Body and the Light Body.

These adaptations to the Pineal Gland also allow for the establishment of an energetic structure around the head that is known as “the Crown of Gold”.   This structure carries the Gold Light of the Christ Consciousness and holds it in place from the Soul Star Chakra and into the Crown Chakra, forming a Bridge of Light between the Soul and the Physical aspects of Self.

While you are undergoing this transformation you may feel symptoms in the head area, especially at the Pineal area at the base of the skull, and in the head and sinus and even down to the jaw and teeth.  This can range from pressure to intense pain as the body adapts to this new flow of light energy.

The increased Pineal flow also affects the Pituitary and the Thymus and Thyroid glands.  The increase of energy at these areas will also possibly increase symptoms and discomfort in the throat and in the spine at the upper back.”

Message from YESHUA:

The new HIGH HEART Chakra is opening en masse;  it is irreversible.  Can’t stop this train.  Many are feeling very raw, exhausted, and weepy.  This too shall pass. 

On the plus side– please notice how your spiritual gifts are dramatically increasing.  Tenfold or more.    Intuition, telepathy, BEINGNESS.  Compassionate action.  SOUL-UTIONS are now pouring forth; become the container for these SOULUTIONS. Either receive these new ideas for yourself, or share the new inspired way or action or approach. Become the container (leaders and teachers and healers) for others. Inspire the younger ones (20-30 year olds)…the visionaries. They came in with OPEN HEARTS and rewired DNA.  Yet they are struggling so much to find their fit.  Be a mentor.  Take them under your (angel) wings.  Show them the ropes so they can accelerate more easily. Show them respect and find their gifts. 

HEAL YOUR HEART!!!!! Stop fighting it.  It is guiding you always– but you resist so.  If there was one thing I would ask you to drop this day, it would be RESISTANCE.  You are fighting what is bubbling up within.  Doubting it.  Analyzing the emotional upswelling.  It is not only futile, it is silly. 

These emotions are your SIGNPOSTS.  They are worthy of respect.  Not obedience or indulgence.  But noticing.  Honoring.  Then asking if you need to change something. Say something. Do something.  Differently. 


Not wallowing.  Allowing.  Not drowning.  But immersing in the troubled waters within.  There is great solace here.  Being with yourself, LOVING yourself.  ALL PARTS not just the shiny parts, the proud parts.  The messy parts are your salvation. 

I REPEAT – the messy parts are your salvation.

FEEL into yourself.  YOUR WOUNDS are the SOUL SPEAKING UP to help you better navigate.  NOT TO IGNORE, and NOT TO DENY your child self.  Allow the booboos of the child aspect of you to be fully felt, acknowledged and healed.  NOW. 

This love that I send to you … is the BALM.  Use it to wash away the tears.

(Kumari note:  In the audio recording at this point, I was flooded with this LOVE and couldn’t speak for a few moments.  My intention is that you feel that as well here.)

All the parts of you that feel not loved, not worthy, not respected.  I see them as the cracks that are letting the LIGHT IN.  The parts of you that feel not ready to fully expand, transform, and become your LUMINOUS SELF.

This is where your work is.  And it is beautiful to me.  It is HUMAN.  And it is real. It is the window to your greater Soul experience.  EMBRACE YOU. 

All the dark, separate, ugly, shameful thoughts and feelings.  ADD MORE LOVE, NOT LESS.  How would you treat a child who was upset with themselves?

If you feel _______ (fill in the blank to any negative, limiting or painful thought) add more love, not less. 

The Endocrine Glands are your system regulators.  SOUL regulators.  Now is the time for an HUGE UPGRADE to the angelic frequencies.  You all have angelic encoding.  Glands are like first responders.  Let’s balance them now, and activate them to your highest potential…the Christed Consciousness. 

In this 11.11 meditation, you are now being guided by the COUNCIL OF 12. (Kumari notes: Not the Council of Light.  I was shown a vision of 12 enormous lumionous beings like huge rays emanating from a giant central sun)

They represent the original stepped down consciousness from the Godhead.  They are the beginning of all creation; holding the lightwaves and frequencies for all the blueprints or templates of all creations. Blueprint of Creation comes from here.  They are not so much separate beings, but each is encoded with templates of varying frequencies, codes, resonance, sounds, colors. Like a choir of creation, if you will, singing form into existence.

From these 12, there are 144.  From the 144, all Light Beings descend.

It is rare to work directly with them, for they are at the highest realm. You are building a bridge from the collective consciousness of the awakening wayshowers, to the Soul, from the Stellar Gateway chakra to the Council of 12 and directly to Source.

This bridge is rainbow in color as it represents all colors, all lightwaves, all sounds.  It will enable you and others to more easily access the higher templates for the “Heaven Codes”.  The Garden of Eden is only the most known version, but there are others.  For instance, a WISDOM realm, where all knowledge is taught and freely shared. There are others but I digress.

This etheric rainbow bridge will help many on their ascension journey, and create an easier path to unlocking Soul-utions for your planet. This is HUGE and a rare honor for you and the others.  Few ever enter this doorway. More will be revealed soon. ”



I was wondering about who were the 144, and I randomly opened a book by Diana Cooper to this exact page:  “There are 144 Seraphim, whose essence is pure love. They surround the Godhead and create the harmonics which hold the vibration of creation, then direct the energy from Source. They do not normally interact with humans except to move big projects forward for the ascension of the planet… The Stellar Gateway chakra is overseen by Archangel Metatron who is helping all of humanity rise in frequency, and Seraphina, a seraphim who is forming the link between your monad (your original divine essence of pure gold radiance) and Source.”

Another validation of our experience was from Maureen Moss who wrote:  “This 11:11 Doorway is not another Stargate. It is the most potent opportunity we have had since 1992 to create an irrevocable bond between worlds… to join our Spiral of Evolution with those of The Great Beyond… to unite with the Angelic Realm as they transfer their frequencies into our bodies and we onto Earth …to be given transmissions and Key Codes to ignite our New Reality… harmonize with the operating system of the Great Central Sun, the headquarters of God’s Light … and end physical reality as we have known it.”

So let’s Play big AND Go Home…to the heart of God/Goddess.  Can’t wait to see what happens next Aruna.  🙂  Namaste!

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