Energy Alchemy Breakthrough Intensives

A soul-to-soul laser-focused Personal Intensive customized just for you!

Al·che·my:  transmuting one state into another.

Personal VIP Intensive Day with Kumari

Be empowered with transformative intuitive and energy alchemy techniques. Techniques that create momentum and clarity in your business & your relationships. Techniques that re-align your daily actions with your authentic mission. Techniques that clear away energetic debris, so you can live, work & play in a state of creative seniority.

This very special private intensive with Kumari will kick start your personal, professional and spiritual goals and get you accelerating now. The Personal Intensive is laser-focused on you! Come prepared to get in-depth training, breakthrough mentoring, and practical tools to take you to the next level as a healer, teacher, and leader. Be prepared to be challenged and richly supported as Kumari masterfully supports you to have a breakthrough transformation and crystal clarity so you can step into decisive action and begin to realize your highest visions.

Design your Personalized Retreats from the following modules:      

  • Untitled1Intuitive Energy Healing/Guided Meditations
  • Clarify Your Soul Purpose to Consciously Manifest your Highest Potential!
  • Advanced Energy Tools for Clearing the Mind Chatter
  • Sound Healing Activation with Alchemy Crystal bowls
  • Initiatory Energy Healing Attunements
  • Divine Wisdom Channeling just for you!
  • Clear Obstacles and Manifest Your Dreams with new Rays of Creation
  • Sacred Geometry Activation so you can Manage your Personal Energy Field and avoid the chaos around you
  • Release Limiting Beliefs that Block Prosperity
  • Create customized Intentions for Optimal Results
  • Clear Limiting Beliefs and Ancestral Patterns
  • Balancing the Divine Feminine & Masculine Energies
  • Blast Open Your Intuitive Channels and Identify your current Intuitive abilities
  • Relationship Resonance Techniques for greater Harmony

Additional Modules Available:

  • Money Breakthrough Method™
  • Niche Breakthrough Secrets™
  • How to Charge What You’re Worth and Get It™
  • Sacred Money Archetypes™

And there is more…


  • Luxury Ocean front Hotel Suite with pristine beaches, pool and hot tub (1-3 nights)
  • Healthy Lunches
  • Custom Medical Grade Aromatherapy
  • Sound Healing with Alchemy Bowls


Invest in your personal, professional and spiritual evolution with the Personal Energy Alchemy Intensive and receive these Special Bonuses!


BONUS 1: Awaken Your Soul Energy Management Program (3 CD set) (Value $97)

  • Vol.1: Daily Guided Meditations to Help You Access your
  • Inner Strength, Clarity and Purpose (Value: $97) 

BONUS 2:  Audio download recordings of all sessions (priceless :))

BONUS 3:  Weekly Healing for the Whole Family + Pets! (Value – $281 )

  • One to three Month Membership of Energy Healing “Insurance” for the whole Family
  • My whole family is so much better; as long as you offer this program I will be in it!” Susie G. 

BONUS 4: How to Heal Anything LIVE Videos  (Value: $281)

  • Receive 1 to 3 advanced healing 90-minute videos – choose from 18 archives on targeted topics like prosperity, relationships, unworthiness, procrastination, indecision, illness, etc.


  • Time: 1-3 Days (10am to 4pm) plus follow-up 45 minute sessionUntitled1
  • Date: Your choice!
  • Location: Oceanfront FL or via phone or Skype 🙂
  • Investment:
    One Day: $2,997
    Two Days: $5,997
    Three Days: $8,997

    *(Payment Plan available)

Ready to Register?

Please e-mail us at support (at) for more details, pricing and registration!

Unwrap your intuitive, Healing, and Manifesting gifts! 

DrGerryBuchoff“Kumari your Energy Alchemy Intensive really opened me up, and everything in my life began lining up! Shortly afterward I had the clarity and courage to let go of two business relationships that were really draining me, and then everything finally shifted. All the things I told you I wanted to manifest are happening: I finished my book, got published and am now enjoying being a sought after keynote speaker! I feel I am in a whole new dimension. I looked in the mirror during our intensive and was shocked to see that I looked 10 years younger! “PS I have trained with many prominent personal growth teachers and world class empowerment coaches, and I must say you are not only doing it all, but your teachings are at a Ph.D level in comparison!

-Emile Allen, MD, Author, Speaker

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