It is 2013, the Newest Year yet in recorded history as we enter the beginning of the next Mayan cycle. For some time I have been feeling, well, different. It is a bit hard to pinpoint. And so am I! I have been bumping into walls a lot. Seriously. I don’t seem to know where my body begins and ends anymore.

I am very sensitive (as in crybaby) so I have learned to be uber-careful and I rarely ever hurt myself or drop things. But in the last 3 months or so, I am crashing into things all the time. It’s not so funny anymore! Seems I have truly lost my reference points; where “I” begin and end is not the same.

But there is of course an upside to all this re-aligning. I feel a lot less worried about the future, or about anything for that matter. Things just don’t seem so challenging, and I am not reacting as much. I am noticing that an underlying layer of stress and tightness in the body/mind just doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

For instance, even as I write this my main laptop computer is displaying the “blue screen of death” which normally would send me into a panic state, and I am just thinking, “that is interesting”.

What do I attribute this too? Well, I would have to say some significant things happened in the last few weeks that solidified this shift. I am taking more time for myself and releasing all the doing and just BEING. I am resisting the urge to pile my calendar so high till I am overwhelmed.

Oh, and by the way, it could have something to do with the fact that we have new chakras! I can just hear you thinking: “New chakras you say? I was just getting used to the idea I had them at all, and now I have brand new ones I have to worry about? What do I do with them when I am not sure I am managing my current set, thank you very much.”

No worries! Even though I have spent years of performing chakra meditations and energy healing techniques, I normally don’t pay that much attention to them.

Often my clients would complain that someone told them their chakras were spinning the wrong way, or were too closed or too open, and they would be so upset. “What do I do? Please fix me, I think my chakras are broken!” they bemoaned.
But in truth we do not need to focus so much on “fixing” them as they are our etheric energy centers and they naturally respond to our state. If we focus on raising our vibration, releasing who and what we are not, and becoming happy and fulfilled the chakras behave quite nicely without us having to discipline them at all I find.

Earlier this year I was playing a new 5th dimensional alchemy crystal bowl one day; I “heard” a bowl tell me it was helping to open and establish new upper chakras. “Oh, I thought, that is quite nice of you.”

So when I noticed that my energy centers seemed to be shifting and expanding, I did a bit of reading. Other healers were claiming a whole new system was developing. However they were not all in agreement in either the number (12 to 15?) or the locations.

I did not sweat it as I know they will develop naturally with our expanding consciousness. Manage your state, maintain a high vibration by anchoring in the frequencies of happy, certain, powerful, etc. and you are going to get there. It is like breathing; you are not having to worry about your lungs in order to regulate your breath. It is just flowing without your thinking about it.

But can you deepen your breath? Can you focus on it and create more life force coming in –creating pranic breathing to support deeper meditations and spiritual awareness? Absolutely!

As we become more aware and intentional, there is always going deeper. So too with the developing higher chakras; we can begin to focus on them and bring them in more fully, more quickly and easily.

This is exactly what we did in the Mastering Alchemy Retreat on 12.12.12 in Arizona. Over 500 from around the world explored days some amazing new places. One of the most memorable was when we opened up to the 12th chakra. It felt like my crown chakra was extended from a low rise to a high rise; and now the new elevator went all the way up to the 39th floor. Still does.

Something else happened; we merged the lower 3 chakras into the heart. They all but disappeared. I think that is why the worry is so much less.

On my radio show, Co-Creation Activations, I did a meditation that took you all through this “new you”. Or try it on your own by just calling forth the new upper chakras one by one. Check it out and let me know how you are experiencing your new self. And watch out for those walls—they may jump out in front of you!

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