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Woman ride horseMy first bliss…I was barely 16 and I can remember every detail as if it was yesterday.

The feel of warmth on my thighs as our skin touched, the way the sun felt on my crown, the gently rocking rhythm we entered together effortlessly, the slow motion sensation that made me feel I must be in a romance movie.

But this was beyond love…for over 7 years, as I watched my first horse Happy prance and graze, the very sight of him would make me cry tears of gratitude and awe that I finally had my dream…my own horse.

After a workout, I often rode bareback with just a halter and lead rope in one hand to the front lane, where all the lushest grass grew.  Happy quickly figured out our destination and would playfully buck and race when I had the least control.

But this one day, as I was pleading with him to go easy on me, he became so soft; he gently glided into a trot, then the calmest of canters.  I felt so safe, deeply relaxed and delighted–and then it happened.

Time shifted into slow motion.  Flowing in perfect rhythm and harmony with my horse, I was acutely aware of each graceful movement.  How was it ever so hard to ride this way?  We glided effortlessly and I felt every detail exquisitely– every muscle rippling underneath me, every breeze on my cheek, every breath we seemed to take in unison. We were no longer horse and rider.  We were no longer two.

I distinctly recall having the oddly comforting thought “I could die ‘happy’ now”. What a strange thought for a 16 year old, but I felt so perfectly complete and fulfilled.

This incredible slow-motion merge seemed to last for hours, but it was merely a few moments and we were at the end of the long winding lane.  Another rider was driving in just then, and I wondered if she had witnessed my miraculous merging ride of the century.  At the barn, she asked me about it.  Though she had seen me riding Happy every day for years, this time she said it was like “watching a movie– pure poetry in motion.”  Even she could sense something very unique happened from a distance.

Back then I would not have called it bliss or an ecstatic experience, or Unity Consciousness, or the Merge into Oneness like I might now.  I didn’t have a clue about any of those concepts.  Now, as I look back, it seems I have spent the rest of my life trying to re-create that extraordinary ecstasy.

While I had many moments of the deepest love, gratitude, and admiration for Happy, that exquisite experience of blissful connectedness eluded me.  Yet I had mistakenly assumed I had to be riding a horse to get there!

I am “happy” to report that I am now blessed that bliss has been increasingly and more consistently available not just for me, but for many of my students as well.

It happened again this weekend at our Reiki course…

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