Like many people I have always dreamt of swimming with dolphins. My sister and I went to the Florida Keys and signed up for a dolphin swim, which was wonderful, but the dolphins were in enclosed areas and commanded to be with us. So I still held this dream of swimming with wild dolphins that chose to swim with me. That dream came true a few years ago in Hawaii. Part of our group had gone to the beach earlier, and was already swimming with them, and when we finally swam out, I was thrilled the dolphins were still there, encircling us. They were Spinner dolphins with lots of babies, as I watched in awe of their “airs above the water” antics.

Nearly three quarters of an hour went by in total bliss—watching the marvelous feats of seemingly effortless dancing among the waves, always in a circle, round and round while we all were in total wonder and amazement of this peak experience.

Then quite suddenly a communication came in unbidden— I was a bit surprised as I hadn’t really been asking for any messages. I felt so honored just to be with them for so long, I felt completely blessed already and my normally inquisitive mind was quite happily empty.

The thought plopped in to my head, loud and clear, “Do you mind if we touch you???” It was so clearly the dolphins, but I had to double check since I hadn’t initiated any conversation yet. And they repeated, “Is it okay if we touch you?” I hesitated answering as I had heard that dolphins can be dangerously aggressive with people sometimes. Not knowing exactly what they had in mind, I answered tentatively, “Yes, I think it would be okay, as long as it is gentle.”

I barely got that answer out and the woman to my immediate left, about 5 feet away, lets out a high-pitched scream. Everyone immediately responds “are you okay—what happened?” and flustered she replied “I think a dolphin just touched me—I felt something hit my belly and then I looked down and saw a dolphin swimming RIGHT UNDER ME!” She was visibly shaken, but when she regrouped and described it again, she said “I am not even certain if the dolphin actually touched my belly, or if it was the water bubbles, as it was so gentle”. Mind you, I hadn’t had a chance to say a peep to anyone about the communication I received as it had happened so quickly.

Excitedly I relayed what I had just “heard” and we were all totally blown away at their polite and compassionate approach. Not only that, but earlier that same day I had done some Reiki on the same woman, as she was having painful belly cramps, which was a recurring problem for her. So not only did they politely ask permission, and follow my instructions for gentle physical contact, but they went to the person in the group who needed healing, and touched her in the exact area of her discomfort.

I had often read that dolphins were amazing healers but now I had proof! And the woman’s initial surprise at the encounter quickly turned to total awe of the experience—definitely feeling no pain—only reverence once she heard my piece of the amazing connection being offered.

Right about then I could have died quite a happy woman. It doesn’t get any better than that does it? A direct communication, and instant validation and clear follow through of a healing touch from a wild animal. Again, I was feeling complete joy and needing nothing, yet the next communication really stumped me. (Stay tuned for Part II).

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