Last week, our electronic equipment tanked en masse — both computers, our TV, our power washer and a drill. When I inquired within about any underlying significance to this unusual level of breakdowns, I got that I was getting an “upgrade.”

I understood this to mean that energetically I am expanding, or increasing in consciousness, and that often means that things in my environment also need to change (or leave entirely) for me to integrate into the higher frequencies. Not fun at all, and expensive, but it helped me to hold the malfunctions and inconvenience a little lighter.

I am also noticing many of my clients having extreme physical challenges of all sorts these past two months, as our deeply held wounds are being blasted with the intense illumination of Light waves that won’t allow us to carry these emotional burdens for one more minute unconsciously in our forms.

Our physicality needs a major upgrade and reboot to hold the higher frequencies more fully. Usually this requires a process of acknowledging and then consciously releasing the old parts of ourselves that are hurt, ashamed and fearful. In short, the heavier denser vibrations that we are holding or “housing” that no longer serve us.

eggDid I mention that becoming more conscious and spiritual is not always all light and love? It takes, at times, extraordinary dedication to do the corresponding personal growth and emotional release work that becomes illuminated on the path. For those of us who need this reminder: just because your “caca” is up, it doesn’t mean you fell off the path; it may mean quite the opposite!

Think about it this way: if your deepest desire is to experience the Truth of Who You Are (a brilliant radiant being of great light and love) then by definition you must clear out all the layers that tell you otherwise — all the denial, doubt, pain, worry and fear… and then perhaps you will see that you are getting exactly what you asked for… eventually.

Your spirit, working through your physicality (your body), will not allow one more moment of ignoring and suppressing the hidden shadow parts of you that are needing more healing, more light, more awareness, more compassion and forgiveness, more release.

So I asked Yeshua to help me understand this oh-so challenging process both for myself and more globally, for all of you.

A Message from Yeshua:

“I want to tell you what I see happening here… in 3rd Dimensional reality and higher into the 5th Dimensional realms. What is happening is this: the Light of the Soul of All has been activated for your entire Planet… like it or not you are evolving in Consciousness (ascending some call it).

You have no choice in the matter… or I should say your “matter” has no choice! It is being flooded with extremely potent Rays of the highest frequencies yet to bathe Mother Earth.

You can choose kicking and screaming your way through… as you do still have free will… but the choice now is to evolve consciously and work with the energies that are transmuting the very density that you call your body, your earth matter. Of course you can choose to stay in “blissful ignorance…” Though I can tell you it is NOT bliss… it will be harder and harder to stay unconscious and unaware.

That is, to stay isolated from the Truth of yourself as a HUGE Being capable of great and wondrous creations… AND the responsibility that that entails for each of you to co-create a better world, using your hearts and minds to purposefully align with the POWER OF GRACE, the power of LOVE, the POWER of the HEART to feel and know truth, certainty, and divine essence that is within ALL of you — not just some of you.

This influx of Light waves and its effects on your planet is causing a great ripple throughout other timelines, other realities, other universes. Just as the re-birthing pains of Mother Gaia are felt everywhere… they are also felt in you. YOU ARE BIRTHING a new REALITY whether you accept this role or not! So, as a Spiritual mid-wife if you will, I am here to assist you. Call on me.

Not as your “savior” or rescuer, but as a wonderful and powerful collaborator to ease the birthing process. Your physical bodies are withstanding enormous stress as the light quotient is rising both on the solar levels and on the earthly levels. You are becoming Light within your bodies… not just around your bodies.

The reactions many of you are feeling are the effects of all the toxins being expelled… detox is not fun but necessary. Toxic and limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings must be uprooted, with great care and awareness and CHOICE to once and for all RELEASE and REWIRE to the new christed grid or matrix of Higher Love that is already anchored on your planet.

You will find great upheavals within different sectors, both of your planet and of your body. What is not life-sustaining is breaking apart. It must.

If you really accepted the idea that you are birthing now, how would you treat yourself and others differently? Could you accept more self-nurturing, more rest and relaxation as medically indicated?

Would you pay way more attention to your body’s needs… simple clean nutrition, moderate yet regular movement, and a certain amount of pampering self and others? Let the sweetness of your soon-to-be motherhood swell within your being, and flood you with compassion and de-light. DE LIGHT: of the LIGHT

You are all so precious to me (I am making Kumari tear up now)…

And precious to the world you incarnated into… you each have a special offering and sometimes it is enough to just BREATHE in and out with awareness… and you BLESS this planet.

I am you.”


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