To those who wish to be of service at this time

–“A Net of Light now Holds the Earth”

“We are calling you to service. Throughout the cosmos, within your bloodstream and every particle of life on earth there is a great net, web, or grid of light. We have spoken before of the Net of Light and have told you that it will hold the earth steady during the times of change that are upon you. We are calling you now because more are needed to activate this construct. The conditioning of your culture has not taught you how to work in the way that is required now, so we will explain.

“The Net of Light holds everything. Whether or not you are aware of it, everyone is part of this Net. All Forms of the Divine that have been worshiped throughout the ages infuse it while the light within the Net infuses the breath in your body.

“Because it connects everything, whenever you focus on the Net of Light, you activate its power, sending support to life everywhere. And because so many today live in fear, feeling cut off from the Source, the Net of Light must be activated. Most of you have felt a sense of isolation at one time in your life so you know how miserable it feels. Such suffering, however, is unnecessary as the thought of being alone in a hostile world is a great lie. Each of you is part of the elemental fabric of being, part of the radiant Net of Light.

“When at last you open to the reality of the Net of Light, your every breath will resonate with light. You will know the rightness of your existence. Furthermore, because the Net of Light holds not only you, but all life, as you awaken to your connection to the Source, everything on earth will begin to awaken.

“There is NO effort involved in ‘working’ with the Net of Light. You cannot make this link with your ego, your personality, or by effort of any kind. ‘Working’ with the Net is effortless. And because activating the Net of Light is so important, we will teach you how to make this connection.

“You may begin by thinking of or imagining your connection to us, (the Great Council of the Grandmothers), to Allah, Jesus, Buddha, or to any form of Love that draws you. This form of Divinity will immediately touch your heart and link you to the Net of Light. Or, you can go directly to the Net by thinking of it as a vast fishing net that covers the earth.

“Take time to make this connection, and observe your response. Notice how you feel. Then sit with your body open, palms cupped, and ask to receive from the Source. This will be easy to do as this posture invites reception.

“Breathe in the goodness coming into you from the Net of Light and as you do, you will automatically breathe out whatever prevents you from receiving it. This goodness is your birthright and the physical pose you have taken will encourage you to absorb it. Your body will not only teach you how to receive, it will also record whatever takes place within you as you open to the Net. As you receive from the Net of Light you will feel more and more at one with the Source and as this happens, stress will simply leave.

“After you’ve sat for a while, ask the Divine to give you the qualities you personally need. If you need courage, ask for it and as courage fills you, watch as fear melts away. Take time to breathe in courage/breathe out fear until you feel complete with the transfer of energy. Then move on to the next quality you want. If you want strength, ask for it and weakness will waft away. If you want peace, let yourself absorb peace and observe as worry fades. You are working with the Source of all that is, so ask for what you want. And when you have done that, rest in the Net of Light’s embrace. Pay attention to how you feel. Relaxed? Warm? Cool? You may sense the Net as a sparkling hammock or bed where you can rest and absorb light.

“Because you are part of the whole, your link to the Net of Light is fundamental. The Net of Light is beneath, around, above, and within you. It is the radiance of your heart that empowers the Net of Light and the radiance of the Net of Light that empowers your heart.

“Whenever you think of amplifying your union with the Net of Light you also amplify its union with everything that lives. And because humans, animals, plants and minerals are connected to the Net, this happens automatically. The Great Holding of the Net cradles you and cradles everything.

“Because the ‘work’ of amplifying the Net of Light is so important, we ask you to begin to do it now. We know we have given you a lot to comprehend today, but this is just the beginning. We will give you more information soon. But for now, simply rest in the Net and let it hold you and as light and love pour through you, pay attention to how your body responds.

“As you open more fully to the love within the Net of Light, ask that all life also open and receive it. Intention underlies everything. Therefore, whenever you think the thought of unifying with the Great Love/the Great Net, your intention enables others to do the same. Do it!

“By calling on the Net of Light you bless yourself and bless all beings.”

“We, the Great Council of the Grandmothers, have come to call you to this work. Greatness is now afoot and we invite you to play your part in the awakening of this Greatness.”

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