Do you ever wonder what travelling Light-Workers do in their down time? Well I decided to share some of my lesser known passions which I used to feel would be, well, just too “out there”. But perhaps you will know exactly what I am referring to and have experienced something similar.

Have you ever visited a new place and found that the feeling or energy was quite unique? Either it is powerfully positive and deeply peaceful, and you are drawn to sit and meditate there, or even receive a healing, like many sacred spots around the globe. Or you find that the feeling is quite dense and heavy and perhaps even scary and you can’t wait to leave.

Well, my partner and I were walking along the lovely Rhine River in Cologne, Germany and we came upon a small church-like building. Looking up on the river side, we saw a huge carved warrior-like face and shield, looking very much like a Viking to me. I thought what a strange image for a church! It turns out it was an old stone tower.

You have probably heard me state many times that everything is energy, and therefore everything can be transmuted. As consciousness has no limits, I have become aware that energetic consciousness can collect in a place, and may choose to hang out in a tree or building or even cactus or rock. This tower energy was huge and felt very dark.

I became quite curious, and I posed the question “what is this energy?” The immediate response was “I am a War Monger”. I commented “How strange as there aren’t any wars going on here so what do you represent?” The reply was “we stir up trouble—we represent destruction and domination.” Cool – I came across a chatty tower in Cologne!

Without sharing this conversation outloud, I then checked in with Kumara and asked what he felt about this unique energy in the tower. He said he felt “Metal, like shields and swords” so I revealed my War Monger message. I decided “This calls for some Light Warrior intervention—and just then it began to rain heavily. Instead of running away we beamed our collective love, light and healing to this tower being. In seconds I felt a softening, almost like melting butter, and Kumara confirmed.

I felt the old warrior energy absorb all the good vibes, and actually felt appreciation and gratitude. I noted how “much more flies you draw with honey” and that people would want to hang out there now rather than be scared away. I was thanked for my attention, and how grateful this being was to be “seen” and acknowledged and not judged. I asked what he was representing now, and I felt a huge grin as he said “I guess I am a Love-Monger now!”

Today we went back to the tower to check out the energy that had been so daunting and dark just yesterday. As we approached, I couldn’t stop smiling. There was such lightness and playfulness in that entire area. What a shift! I often tell my students “the higher frequency always wins”; aka Love always prevails. It is not just a saying for me; I truly experience this in the most profound and unusual ways. Perhaps now you will not be so hasty to vacate an area that seems heavy and dense, but you will shine a little light on an old War Monger and make “Love-Mongers” everywhere you go.

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