Journey to Joy bookJune 2013 –Powerful You! Publishing is grateful to announce the successful launch of their newly-released book, Journey To Joy: Inspiring Stories of Women Who Follow Their Hearts To Live in a Space of Joy. The book reached the Number One Ranking in the category of Biographies and Memoirs > Childhood and Family and an overall ranking in books of #254. The book was launched on June 6th.

This empowering new anthology book is a collection of stories by thirty five women from various backgrounds and experiences. The co-authors share their individual stories of transformation through finding their passion, building relationships, shifting their health and well-being, and awakening their spirits. The stories reveal the authors’ sometimes less-than-ideal circumstances and emotional pain—including  loss, divorce, abuse, neglect, lack of connection, self-esteem issues and more—to their current state of being, which is one of living purposeful, joyful, empowered and rich lives.

The authors chose to tell their stories as a way to assist and provide hope and direction for other women who may be experiencing similar situations in their lives:  The idea being that if the authors have made changes that work for them, others can too.

Local author, Kumari says, “I was honored to pen the Foreward to this exquisite book  because my experience is that  all creation runs on Joy; it is our natural state and our divine birthright.”

“The co-authors of this book dug deep into their hearts to provide real accounts of their journeys through some deeply touching and sometime tough circumstances. They are strong women who deserve the peace of mind and freedom they now enjoy” says Sue Urda, one of the compilers and authors of the book.

The anthology book is compiled by Sue Urda and Kathy Fyler, Co-Founders of Powerful You! Inc., a connections company designed for business, personal and spiritual growth.

For details and to purchase the book visit  The book is also available for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble online. (Powerful You! Publishing, $19.95, ISBN 978-1-4675-7027-5)


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