I recently had a chance to talk about my exciting work with the big cats at the Panther Ridge Conservatory Center. Species Link, The Journal Of Interspecies Telepathic Communications, provides a forum for Animal Comunications practices, practitioners and more. Everyone knows my passion for Panther Ridge, its founder, Judy Berens and its wonderful staff of employees and volunteers so I was more than happy to oblige! To learn more, here is a short paragraph from the article:

Animal Communicator and Reiki Master, Kumari, first came to Panther Ridge on a tour with her family about a year ago. Her sister is an equine vet and knew about the pristine sanctuary that is little known, even amongst its neighbors. On their visit, Kumari stopped and sat in front of CJ’s cage for about an hour. CJ is a mountain lion who was resting in his igloo at the back of his cage. As Kumari sat, she began to receive imagery from him as CJ streamed information to her about ancient Egypt and a time when cats and humans walked safely in peace with each other.

Read more about Panther Ridge on their website.

Read more about the Species Link Journal on their website.

To download and read the full article, please click on this link. It will download as PDF.

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