It is time to be HAPPY…

Do you believe this?

Everything changed for me when my spiritual teacher said: “You have all done the karmic and ego work.  You are all serving. It is now time to be happy.” I fell in love, I started my own successful and truly fulfilling intuitive healing business, and I took more time to smell (and grow) the roses…

When you put your own happiness and joy first, what do you think is going to shift for you? Everything…is my prediction.  

After all, this is the ultimate goal underlying all of our longings, spiritual or worldly.

Everything we desire comes down to our pursuit of happiness. We pursue money or relationships because we think they’ll make us happy. We pursue our careers, hobbies because they provide meaning and purpose. We explore religion, science, and philosophy because we want to know the truth of our existence.

k water palace fountain closeYet I certainly didn’t always know this to be the case…

Just over 30 years ago, I attended my first Abundance retreat on Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity in a meditation ashram.  I was dead broke and in serious student loan debt, and had just found my spiritual teacher, and needed to figure out how I was going to be able to travel and study with her as well.

The Swami opened the course with this question: “What is it you want in life?”

As each person answered with the full gamut of mostly materialistic desires– a bigger home in a better neighborhood, enough savings to retire comfortably, a fulfilling job where I share my unique gifts, a loving relationship, a healthier body, even a faster luxury car — he led them all through the next question repeatedly: “And why do you want this?”

Eventually, everyone got down to the same exact answer: “I want these things to make me happy!” “YES, of course you do!” he exclaimed excitedly.

This surprised me a bit as I expected he would have said these more material things are not important;  especially the car and big house which I couldn’t relate to at all back then thinking that certainly wasn’t very ‘spiritual’.

Yet instead, he noted that “at the root of all desires, is the desire to be happy. Why not go for happy directly?” The truth of this simple statement resonated throughout my being, and I have been seeking tried and true ways to achieve joy on all levels ever since.

For me, it was not a natural conclusion that spiritual people were supposed to be happy.  This was a truly liberating concept. I thought being spiritual was more about selfless service, devotion, compassion and a fair amount of austere practices like prayer and meditation.  It definitely did NOT include physical or material desires, or even the pursuit of happiness for yourself.

What might be possible for you if you decide to go straight for cultivating your own happiness directly?


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