When I ask in my workshops about intuitive “hits” people have had, everyone has had the experience of not knowing “how they knew something”, like who was on the phone, or being guided to help someone in need, or knowing that someone was ill or in danger. Yet they may not have considered the possibility of developing that “muscle”.

path-to-lightOr perhaps you feel that do you use your intuition for making major decisions, like where to live or who to marry. Or you consult an intuitive or spiritual teacher to assist you. But have you ever really considered that it is possible to live completely guided by your Inner GPS, aka Higher Self or Spirit?

Ted Murray posed this contemplation question as well some time ago on Humanity’s Team Daily Inspiration…“Most people claim to be following some type of religious or spiritual system that provides guidance to how to live. Yet few people actually follow the example of the system’s founder or the instructions themselves consistently.”

However, there are people alive today who truly experience themselves as pure servants of spirit and follow their inner guidance no matter how challenging that may be.

When you experience someone like this you realize what it is like to have a direct connection with pure source. Whether it comes in visions, hearing, or just an inner knowing, these people have such great trust in their connection that every decision is led by that voice. However, it is beyond taking instructions.

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