Recently in our Awakening Healers Collective, during some personal healing, a woman asked to heal her injured finger. As we sent Reiki to her, she confessed that she felt selfish asking for help on such a minor issue, when so many veterans for instance, have lost whole limbs and much worse.

I was so glad she brought this up, as many people have this notion that to ask for more–well-being, abundance, energy, health, etc.– can bring up limiters in our minds and guilt ridden emotions. We can even hear others as we were growing up say things like “You should be grateful you have _______ (fill in the blank)”  or “don’t complain as so many globally are without food or shelter,” and the list goes on.

Even though our rational mind may be understanding that to get a better job, or a happier relationship, or healthier body, doesn’t actually take away from someone else half way around the world, the core feeling can be a worry that we are being selfish, or that we are taking limited resources away from someone “more deserving.”

I too have noticed my fair share of GUILT erupting as I have recently needed to take more time for self care. It seems interwoven into the very fabric of my being somehow, that I must be constantly contributing, even overly productive, in order to feel worthy of support.

We may think this because our mind can’t comprehend non-duality or unconditional love, and unlimited energy, power and abundance. We don’t truly comprehend universal life force (what Reiki means) and we struggle to understand how having something good doesn’t necessarily take from another who has less.

This guilt-laden belief, often touted by well meaning and compassionate people, especially women, that we must think of everyone else’s needs above ours, to be good. And deserving of more.

This mindset is rooted in a 3rd dimensional duality that includes many versions of lack and limitation. Even though we can at once become uber conscious of utilizing well the limited resources of our planet, we can also hold the consciousness that leaning into our well-being, harmony, love and abundance can always expand.

Most of us have this level of guilt, lying under the surface, keeping us from feeling worthy of more…more happiness, more vibrant health, more love and prosperity.

As we dove into this misconception and its roots, that it was selfish to want a fully functioning hand, while others struggle with way worse afflictions, we continued to send Reiki healing to her for a few minutes. By the end of the mini healing session she reported that her injured hand felt “Strangely lighter”. No surprise to me though.

The energy of guilt and shame can definitely block our healing success. I have seen it over and again. Once recognized, and consciously released, healing can occur more deeply and quickly. Guilt is a heavy dense energy, and can weave  its way into our mind/body/spirit that blocks the free flow of life force energy necessary for balance and healing to our minds and thus, our bodies.

While not the only repressed emotion that blocks healing, guilt can be a humdinger, and often we don’t even know we are carrying it, as it is held subconsciously. Its origins can be an old story or program that we may have picked up at home, school or church, that we maybe even applying out of context.

Questions to Contemplate to Release Guilt

How can healing one broken finger take away from anyone else’s well-being? How can infinite Source energy (Reiki) be limited to only serving those with worse injuries?? How can God’s love and light not shine on all equally? How can living just barely paying bills, help someone across the globe have more access to food and water?

Ultimately, how can my unhappiness and suffering, or living in lack and limitation, uplift anyone??

Enter the Awareness of BOTH/AND versus either/or

When we understand the true nature of universal life force, and how we can say a full hearted yes to receiving more chi, more high vibe healing rays, more love and highest harmony… we start to let go of notions that limit our experiences, or that require this OR that…versus this AND that. For example, we can intend: “I love to have my finger fully healed, and I also pray for healing for all the veterans who struggle with much worse afflictions.”

As it begins to dawn on us that as each of us finds and demonstrates more “wholing”, more well-being, more flow and abundance, we are actually ADDING to that possibility for others. We are creating a wave of higher vibe energy that will reflect outwards to everyone as well.

When we are uplifted, nurtured, supported and healed, on any and every level, we are adding to the possibility paradigm for others as well. We are paving the way energetically and giving permission, just by our being and demonstrating, for others to go beyond struggling to survive, to ultimately thrive as well.

Our own healing and expansion offers hope.

Early on before I had much personal experience of energy healing, I clung to the fabulous healing stories of others, and my possibility paradigm shifted massively to open my mind and heart to include great transformation for me and my clients.

Never hold your good back for fear that someone may be envious. That may happen, but that is not your fault or your responsibility. Focus instead on all those who will find hope, and will dream even bigger because you showed them it was possible.

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