In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in October, which gratefully spared us mostly, we marched on with another EmBODYment playshop. There were some epic Soul downloads, huge releases, and also much quieter and more subtle shifts. It reminds me of something my first Spiritual Teacher admonished us to be aware of: “there are the Peaks, the Pits, and the Plateaus of the spiritual (and healing) path.”  

This is true for me as well. I felt so light and magical the first few playshops, but this time, it was much more intense. More physically challenging and not the extreme high I felt initially. It felt more like a 3 day retreat instead of just a half day!

All week as we cleared yard debris, cleaned and put everything back outside, I kept hearing a strong inner message “GO DEEPER.” Instead of putting everything back post hurricane, I re-examined each item and deep cleaned, or removed it if I am no longer loving it. I became highly intentional that all the extra work served the highest good of all. That the cleaning went Soul deep, clearing away any debris, any ashes of patterns and attachments no longer serving my highest good and my Soul Purpose, NOW. Ultimately, the whole energy of the house and porch raised up higher than before.

So I am contemplating, as I always mentor my clients, what is needed now? Honor the integration process. Be kind to the body which must process so much energy, information, and change in such a short time. And so, I continue to tend to my deeper layers. I take Epsom salt baths, I rest and read a bit more. I accept the pits and plateaus as a necessary part of the Peaks… I trust in the integration process that everything is aligning at a new level.

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