As some of you may know, for years I have been doing “planetary service” at times like these as I am drawn to energetically connect to storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and the like to assist the elemental kingdom in transmuting and balancing the chaotic energies that our Mother Earth is trying to discharge through these extreme events.

Geocolor Image in the eye of Hurricane Irma. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.So I started two days ago with Kumara to send reiki and connect with Dorian, which is now upgraded to a possible devastating Category 4 when it finds landfall in a wide range in Florida (we are located in the center of many projections).

For both me and Kumara as soon as we sent situation reiki, it felt like the hurricane let off some steam at the top, as a column of light (reiki) began to contain the hurricane. Several more releases of some energy occurred from the top into the ethers.

I then brought in Harmony, Balance and Wellbeing vibrations, and asked if the transmutational purpose of the hurricane could be met through the ethers and over the ocean rather than landfall. I also asked if Dorian could speak, what would she say.

DORIAN: “We need more stabilizers around the planet.”

I asked what that meant, and I got: “Like you and Kumara, and those like you who are consciously willing to transmute and integrate the challenging energies, and thus stabilize them, then the destructive forces wouldn’t need to express so violently.”

Last night and this morning, I felt a huge dissipation in the energy. So I asked if Hurricane Dorian could speak to us on its Higher Purpose, as over the years I have found each natural event to have its own message, or personality and specific purpose if you will:

“I am one of the Nature Elementals, and as Dorian am here to assist humanity in culling or clearing the clutter.
When you are faced with a storm like this you begin to became more organized, more systemized  in your priorities.  You refocus on what is important to you, what is sustainable, what is serving you and what is cluttering yours space and your life, You get clear on your priorities as humans, You come together in prayer and support.
There is no activation element as there have ben in past Hurricanes…this is simple a clearing, a culling if you will of all that is not necessary. EG if a tree is diseased, it will come downIf plant is not healthy or resilient they may be flooded, or if diseases they may be washed away. In this way nature takes care of itself in these extreme measures.

One of the (side) benefits is this does send a message to those who have not been listening, of the extreme out of balance nature of your environment But that is not the main purpose(this time). That message has been ongoing.  This is more a simple yet powerful clearing of all that is not needed. A moving you through a checklist if you will, of getting your house in order, literally!

There was (initially) some chaos  energy as well, but with so many people directing their consciousness to the storm elements, that has been smoothed out as you are noticing this morning. There is a cohesiveness and an expansiveness to this storm now rather than an angry power.

Some steam was definitely let off, as you experienced two days ago, and there is more coherence, more peace if you will. It sounds strange in terms of a storm to be peaceful, but it is way more  coherent than it had been, more predictable, less emotional.

Oftentimes storms are very very targeted to remove dense layers of negative emotional energies, and in this case there was that aspect here as well But so many people are directing their energy to the storm itself, not just their preparedness or reaction mode, but the conscious conjoining with the storm and being willing to integrate the energetics that it has become quite the labor of love for many lightworkers and conscious beings.

So the storm aspects that had chaos and emotional clearing (purposes) have been nullified for the most part at this time. This is a great triumph for humanity, as the Nature elementals do not want to constantly have to dredge up (negative) emotional layers that are not sustainable for Mother Earth.

So this is more a pure (natural) function at this point. We hope that we have answered your questions and that you can work with us and be safe.”


So please join me as I am regularly sending healing to harmonize the elemental energies for the Highest Good of All, and transmute any lower frequency imbalances, or negative energies that the hurricane may be addressing.

1) GROUND and stabilize and center your own energy as many times a day as needed, as there is mass panic around this hurricane.  If this is all you do, it is extremely helpful.  You become like a lightning rod, offsetting all the negative charge and fear surrounding the storm.

2) Connect to the frequency of HARMONY, BALANCE, WELLBEING for all. This has been really cool in the past.

3) Be compassionate to others. It is a time of great stress, as water and gas are already unavailable.  Give of your patience and support, and a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either:)

4) If you feel called to work with the hurricane directly (not everyone’s job so know your limits as it can be intense), then focus your attention on the storm, sending love and peace and acceptance. Ask if there is any energy that you can help integrate and transmute, with ease and grace for you. This may take a few minutes or a bit longer. Don’t overdo it. It is best to do it for shorter times, and then check back later as the energy is quite big at times.

IMPORTANT: It is really really important to keep preparing as if, as these storms can shift anytime and solid preparations should not be ignored even as you are working energetically and may find it smoothing out. We are continuing putting up our shutters and securing all items that may get tossed around. Be smart, be safe, and be present with all that this storm is putting in your path.

Much gratitude

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