Most people think of energy healing being applied to a person for physical or emotional relief. In Reiki Level II you learn to do distant healing to a person, do mental/emotional healings and even send healing to any situation. As everything is energy and has a unique frequency, when difficulties arise, applying a higher frequency energy like Reiki can dissipate and release the lower denser vibrations of the problem.

So even if you are not able to work with someone else as they have not agreed to a Reiki session, you can send healing energy to uplift and harmonize your situation with that person. For instance, if you are having difficulty with a colleague at work, you can ethically send Reiki to heal your situation with that person. You set it up just like you would a long distance healing session; except that instead of directing the energy to a person’s body, you are directing it to a particular situation.

What if someone is involved who doesn’t choose Energy Healing?
Inherent in the Reiki situation healing protocol is that you are sending Reiki for the “highest good of all” for that situation, rather than attempting to get someone to do something specific or for a particular result. This prevents us from attempting to influence a specific action from another person which could seem manipulative.

For instance, wanting someone to fall in love with you would be a specific result that may impinge on someone else’s intentions. However, if sending healing to your relationship with someone who is not interested in receiving Reiki, the results can still be very positive as the healing energy helps to clear out negativity or resistance on a very deep level. Reiki is Universal Life Force and feels very loving, so who knows what may happen.

I have many instances where I have been asked to send Reiki for situations such as finding employment, getting into medical schools, or resolving difficulty in marriages that seem irreparable. The results have been nothing short of miraculous. Students got into the medical schools of their top choice; marriages about to dissolve are rekindling; finances turn around and jobs pop up.

Situation Reiki offers detachment and peace
I also find another valuable benefit from situation healing with Reiki –as the practitioner begins to work with ki or life energy in this way, you find that you become more accepting and softer to outcomes that may have been unacceptable earlier. Aligning with “Highest Good of All” helps us to take a step back and stop trying to micro-manage the universal play of consciousness. It offers a deep peace that you are doing your best, and making the highest possible offering to that situation.

Personally, I began on my healing quest when my father became ill and died of cancer. I felt a deep sense of wanting to do more to alleviate pain and suffering. Shortly afterward, I met my first spiritual teacher, and then learned Reiki. I knew I found my path. A few years later I worked in an AIDS hospice and was present at too many deathbeds, yet I knew I was now able to offer my best through Reiki and I no longer felt that feeling of “not doing enough”. Not everyone recovered physically. But I felt quite different. Finally, I felt some peace with what I could give in those situations, and was able to be more detached about the specific results.

Situation Healing with The Rays of Creation
The Rays of Creation are another amazing technique that can be applied to shift a particular situation. It is a body of work I learned from Jim Self in Mastering Alchemy and has more specific applications.

The Rays of Creation are not merely beams of light but huge blocks of energetic consciousness with multiple applications, much like large corporations with many departments performing multiple functions. There is a need to raise your vibration in order to access their power.

Here it is more important to be clear in what you are choosing to co-create or manifest, and also what pattern or experience you are wanting to release and replace.

As in Reiki, there is a protective aspect within one of the Rays, which represents the Will of the Creator. As you set up the co-creation, you always align with the Will of Creator for you and this new intention, so that if you ask for something that truly is not in the Highest Good, you are covered.

Unfortunately, there is only so much one can write about energy healing. It is not just a concept that you can “know” from the rational mind. There is no way around the fact that you really do have to experience the tremendous possibilities for yourself.

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