A Reiki treatment is form of energy medicine that facilitates greater awareness on all levels, which can include intuitive understanding of WHY someone is blocked, or sick, or stuck. While there is nothing wrong with a regular Reiki session, and it can be profound and deeply healing, a Reiki treatment can be much more than flowing universal life force from the practitioner to the recipient in a silent session.

Reiki can illuminate what is happening on many different levels, rather than just flowing energy through the body. Reiki very often dramatically increases intuition.

But this aspect brings up an ethical (do you have permission?) and a practical (how do you broach it gracefully) issue.

For instance, at a certain point, while thinking we are addressing a physical symptom, an emotion arises. Should I share it with the person that their digestive disturbance has a root cause connected to anger? And if so, how do I broach a possibly touchy subject, especially if I haven’t talked to them about this possibility?

I personally had a massive spiritual awakening when I started Reiki training, as I was also living in a meditation ashram. During Reiki sessions, I started accessing so much intuitive information about the cause of the client’s issues, I began to share everything from past lives to emotional blocks and it could overwhelm my client, and often they weren’t able to use the information to transform their lives. Soon I realized this, so I totally stayed quiet during sessions, simply validating their own energy healing experience.

Eventually, I came out in the middle with a very focused intention: “I will only share something intuitive if it will provide a great transformation.” That intention created a laser focus which is golden now. And that process taught me a lot about how to broach the intuitive issue with grace and simplicity. Now, using the following guidelines, everyone is open to hearing my “intuitive hits” when they arise.

If you want to share intuitive impressions with your clients/friends/family:

What to say before the Reiki session begins:

Set it up simply like this at the beginning of session to get their PERMISSION:

  • Sometimes I get a hit about what is going on with you and your body on a deeper level. Would you want to know?”
  • “I don’t know always know what it means, but I may get a sensation or visual or message about what is going on with you, and when I share those things they may have some meaning for you. Would you want me to share something even if I don’t really understand it fully?”

What you can say during a session:

  • I am feeling a tingling sensation when I touch your belly; is that me or are you feeling something too?
  • I am feeling a heaviness in this hand position that is different than the other positions; what are you noticing?
  • I got emotional when working on your solar plexus; feels kinda sad. Is that just me or maybe you feel something too?

In this way, it takes the pressure off of being “right” and you join them in exploring together the realm of subtle energy, healing and emerging intuitive guidance.

This approach takes any egoic righteousness out of the equation which may have been a real turn off to them in the past. For instance, a psychic may have told them “You need to do xyz or you are going to have an accident; if you don’t follow my advice…;  you must listen to me; etc. This kind of communication can make anyone gun-shy about letting someone “read” them.

This permission-based approach takes the attitude of exploring new terrain together….offering subtle impressions or insights  without the need to get it “right” or even understand everything you are experiencing fully. Clients may have the rest of the story and make sense of it for themselves.

Remember, during Reiki sessions for others, you are also receiving healing.

You also are receiving the healing, and so some of the sensations you experience may be your own.

Initially, this was the case for me about 50% of the time. I would offer impressions or sensations, and we would compare notes. If they really weren’t experiencing anything similar, I would file it away, or  chalk it up to my own healing process.

For years, I began to clear out the old baggage out of my own energetic closets, and became very skilled at emptying out and opening to them during a session, so I am now finding I am tuning into the client’s energy 99% of the time, not my own.

Ultimately, what is your responsibility as a healer sharing intuitive information?

Your responsibility is to be in service to your client’s highest good. Cultivate the attitude of making an offering, in the form of your intuitive impressions and then letting it go. It is up to the client to accept the information, or draw conclusions from impressions. They are also free to reject it and your job is just to offer the information to the best of your ability without attachment.

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