One of my teachers said the “greatest sin was the need to be right.” Initially many years ago when my intuition opened up I would really stress about my “responsibility” to give accurate information. It felt like a huge burden and often I would not share what I was receiving at that point for fear of “being wrong” and possibly hurting someone. This fear can become totally debilitating and will shut down the sprouting of the tender new shoots of your inner voice.

A wise woman finally suggested that my responsibility was only to share to the best of my ability what I felt or saw or heard. It was always the other person’s responsibility to check out the information for themself, try it on and see how it feels. Any action taken was their choice. This was totally liberating for me as I had taken on both parts of the responsibility onto my shoulders and the weight of it was crushing me.

Also, I was not allowing the other person to take their appropriate role of being an active listener and giving them not only permission to “take it or leave it”, but empowering them that it was always their job to use their own knowing to filter the information for themselves. This stance raised us both up and placed the responsibility where it needed to be for both of us.

Finding the balance is not always easy. The flip side of shutting down for fear of being wrong, is that some people can get caught in the trap of needing to be so strong in their own knowing in order to develop their own confidence, that they come across as pushing their beliefs onto another, and insisting that they are right, or that people needed to believe what they are saying. This can also be very disempowering.

It’s About The Process not the “Truth of the Matter”
I also found some circumstances where I was given very clear information that wasn’t exactly “correct”. For instance, many years ago I was receiving details that my mother was dying “soon”. I told one of my sisters in case there were some preparations that needed to happen. She did have many serious disease processes going on. But it didn’t happen in the time frame I thought.

At first I felt terrible about sharing the info. But then I realized that it actually helped us begin to process the fact of her eventual death, and it helped me become more detached as I went through my emotions way ahead of the actuality. I also feel it supported me to be much more conscious about the time we had together. I became very aware of how I would feel to lose her, and it helped me become more grateful for all the moments we did share.

So I now share with my students to be open to the “process” that the information may take you through for that can be the reason who are receiving something, rather than the “truth of the matter.”

Align Your Intention with Highest Good of All
When you place your focus and intention on serving the Highest Good, rather than the ego’s need to be right, it allows much more ease and grace and accuracy. The purity of that intention to serve the Highest Good of All will help you to align your intuition with the purpose of serving rather than showing off.

Try this: “I only receive and share information that is for the Highest Good of All. “ This sets up an energetic filter so that you can begin to relax and not worry so much where your information is coming from. You can also empower the receiver by having them invoke this intention so that their inner guidance system is looking out for only the information that will serve their highest and best good.

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