Many people think of energy healing as something you might do for your past wounding, or perhaps for the physical body aches and illness. Yet there is so much more that is possible to transform, both with or without learning Reiki.

When you really comprehend the value and power of tapping into Reiki aka Universal Life Force, or Creator/Source, or even your own Highest Self and aligning your thoughts and emotions to what you really desire, you begin to realize you can pre-pave any situation with positive high vibration energy for your most desired outcomes.

Pre-Paving Future Events

You can impact your life in amazing ways when you become much more intentional about future events plus align your energy (thoughts and feelings) with the feeling of receiving the desired outcome, called pre-paving your day or future events. So if there is a situation you are concerned about, including a medical treatment that may have possible adverse effects like chemo or vaccines, there is a way to amplify the most desired outcome, rather than all the ways things can go wrong.

Why not try adapting to all the current challenges and changes through aligning our inner resources of emotion and thought to the highest outcomes (aka pre-paving)?

My Senior Associate healer recently shared how she used Reiki and positive intention to help align her vaccination experience with her highest well-being, and reported she no unpleasant side effects at all.

Even without having the Reiki initiations, everyone can consciously align a situation in the future that you want to pre-pave for the best and highest outcome through energy alchemy practices.

Simple Energy Alchemy Pre-paving your Day Practice:

Step 1: Call all parts of yourself into the Present. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Step 2: Affirm: “I now fully align my mind, body and spirit with the energy and vibration of _________ (eg highest well-being, abundance, happiness, harmony, etc) now.  All parts of me are now resonating with this _____ vibration. Keep connecting in this way until you shift into the feeling of what you are calling forth.

Step 3: Creative Visualization:  Add the dimension of a visual of what you are desiring, eg happily receiving that raise, finding the dream home, connecting deeply in your relationships, etc. I always add: This or something greater to bump up what I may be limiting.

How to Heal Situations with Reiki

I recently became aware that many students of Reiki did not realize, or were not taught, that in addition to learning how to send distance energy healing to anyone, anywhere in the world, that they can also apply Reiki, or Universal Life Energy, to uplift any situation. 

For those fortunate enough to have been initiated into Reiki Level II, in addition to learning how to send energy healing long-distance versus in person (wow!) you can also use this same technique to uplift any situation.

As you are setting up the distance Reiki symbols, you add at the end:

This is a situation healing for ____ (name of person)s  _____ situation. (eg health, career, relationships, family, financial, etc.)  May the best and highest happen for (NAME’s) situation.”

Finish at the end of the healing session by acknowledging:

Thank you for the best and highest happening for (Name’s) _____ situation.” The understanding here is that on the etheric and spiritual levels it is already complete.

I have assisted many clients over the years using Situation Healing with Reiki to:

  • get into the medical school of their choice (twice!)
  • nail an interview or get a new or better job
  • prepare with more focus for a final exam
  • prepare and pass medical licensing board interviews
  • end or begin relationships more harmoniously
  • move their family to a new home with ease
  • find and purchase a dream beach home

…and so much more, the sky is the limit! 

When You Can’t Use Situation Reiki

While it may always seem appropriate to add the beautiful blessing of Reiki to any situation, I only offer it to people who are open and asking for this intimate healing modality, not just to those I may think really NEED Reiki. In those cases, I don’t do Situation Reiki, but I do send them Love and Light and prayers. Reiki is more personal and targeted in general which is where the permission comes in.

Once a very prominent radio host asked me to do Situation Healing for his marriage, and promised me all sorts of publicity to sweeten the pot. When I enquired further, he begged me to work with his ex-wife on a spiritual level to influence her to come back to him. I explained I could only go as far as offering Reiki to the highest and best good for his relationship, but would never assume or try to energetically influence her to a particular decision. That did not suit him at all, so I emphatically declined.

Ethically, you should never use Reiki to affect a change in someone else, or demand a particular outcome, as we are certainly not in charge of Universal Life Energy, and the energy or another person should not be manipulated for individual egoic purposes.

That being said, the language in the Situation Healing setup stated above – “May the Highest and Best happen for ______ situation”  is always appropriate and assumes that healing energy is always beneficial, no matter how the particular life path unfolds.  It is a beautiful teaching in spiritual detachment from outcomes, while simultaneously knowing you are adding to the light of the world.

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