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Do you ever feel like you are the brink of something BIG? Or it’s time to do something differently but you’re not sure what that looks like? Or perhaps it is abundantly clear that it’s time to lift your work, your relationships or even your whole life to a whole other level?

Well that is the process I am in now and I thought I would share how I am approaching the intense level of change.

Back in March I shared about new divine energy downloads I had been receiving over the past year or so. These are powerful transmissions of Divine LoveLight, or initiatory attunements to a higher consciousness vibration that are often accompanied by massive experiences of divine presence, chakra openings, expanded awareness, ultimately feeling much lighter, freer and even euphoric.

While energy downloads are essential, they are a more internal re-wiring process, and often the precursor to massive outer shifts in one or all areas of your life, if you choose to take aligned actions and stop resisting.

I am full tilt boogey on several fronts. As I focus on creating a lasting legacy of teachings, I am rebranding and building not one but two new websites; hiring new team members; collaborating with my awesome Senior Healers; creating new programs; re-envisioning my online community; and letting go of some ways of working that no longer feel aligned. We are also dealing with my husband’s green card issues and planning for the next 10 years including (gulp) possible retirement scenarios.

While it seems there are certainly plenty of big picture items here, I have also been obsessively clearing emails and organizing files on our computers; cleaning under cabinets and couches, tidying up closets and drawers, and making our organic garden sanctuary more sustainable.

Phew! it makes me tired just recounting all this.

Don’t Ignore the “Small Stuff”

While it did occur to me that I may be doing these smaller clearing projects to procrastinate the deeper website work, I felt such a strong pull to do them, and a subsequent feeling that they were each equally significant to the larger upleveling picture.

Synchronistically I got an email from Stephen Dinan of the Shift Network who is in the exact same process and summed it up perfectly:

“It’s simply very difficult to reach a new level without both a thorough cleaning out of the old and a vivid crystallization of the new. The more quickly you can let go of energetic dead weight in your life and step into the new reality you’re creating, the more the process becomes joyous rather than burdensome.

I find that the letting go process works best when it addresses ALL levels, from closets to email inboxes to limiting beliefs. You might think these details are not important, and that we should ONLY focus on the big things. But I often find that it’s the process of untethering our energy from what no longer serves that allows us to literally “lift off” into a new level of reality.

Small things exert a subtle tug on our awareness…I knew I needed my full energy for what was ahead.”

What exactly is “UPLEVELING”?

While I often speak of receiving energetic “upgrades” which is an internal process, I am referring to upleveling as simply another term for you, your business, or even your relationships (or all three) moving through another level of growth. Another way to describe it would be outer transformation at the highest level to match the new inner landscape.

How Can I Embrace Upleveling and Stop Resisting Change?

kumari over TahoeFirst and foremost, you want to acknowledge that you are in a time of upleveling rather than just unraveling. Keep a positive mindset that whatever is breaking down, will take you to the breakthrough.

Be willing to be flexible and adapt, just like all of nature. Find the new flow. Open to new possibilities, even if they are not clear yet. Decide to trust the process, rather than have all the answers. Think big picture vision of what you really really want to create, even if you don’t yet have a clue on how to do it. Stay focused on the what and why rather than the how.

Be intentional. Use the massive energy of this upgrading stage rather than judging it — or you — as a failure. Truly decide that “It’s all good” ultimately. Even the smallest action to clean or organize can be used to initiate deep transformation with the power of you intention.

It is natural to meet the intense level of change brought on by the upleveling process with a fair amount of resistance, but that is not ideal. Again Dinan agrees:

The key to embracing the upheaval of upleveling is to focus simultaneously on both:

1) releasing what no longer serves (eg outmoded ways of working, thinking, being) while also

2) Holding a detailed vision of what you want to create. (eg more ease, balance, fulfillment, impact, enjoyment)

Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

While I am reviewing many things as I throw my whole business model in the air I am not necessarily changing everything. Only those things that feel heavy or out of balance or are no longer making me feel happy and fulfilled.

Some things that I review, I don’t need to change, I just may need to recommit to with my renewed vision and purpose that it is still meeting my needs and aligning with my vision of service.

A few years back I was really tired of writing so much, and I threatened to quit my blogging. I went to India for a long ayurvedic retreat, and after some great rejuvenating treatments, I realized I loved writing and recommitted so that it now felt like something I chose to do, rather than something I have to do.


One of the secrets to embracing these chaotic periods of great change is not to try to do it alone. We have hired new garden help, a new website designer and an SEO strategist, while also collaborating with my senior Healers and consulting with a lawyer for Immigration advice, and a financial consultant.

I no longer have pride in not being the expert in everything or need to be the DIY gal who wears all hats anymore. If it is not my genius, it is usually not my job. And I have learned well I will invariably lose passion and progress (and therefore income) with the frustrations and ineptitude of trying to handle everything solo.

Again Dinan agrees: “That’s why it’s so vital to have a clear vision of where we’re going in our lives. It allows us to make the leap into a new level or pattern of being, and to invest appropriately in ourselves and in the services of others who can get us there.”


Don’t put yourself off anymore. Your dreams and visions of an upleveled way of being are within reach, if you choose to embrace these times of deep clearing and upleveling.

Affirm: As I clear and re-organize my _______(closet, drawer, emails), I release any energy (thoughts, patterns, people, practices, objects) that are no longer serving my highest good on all levels.

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