I receive many questions about how to calm animals, especially dogs, who are afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises like fireworks.

One of my favorite natural products are therapeutic grade essential oils, either diffused or applied directly around the ears (not in them!).

Two that have helped the most are Lavender and a blend called Peace and Calming. You can apply a drop or two to your hands and then rub the dog’s ears, especially around the edge or ear tips. Ideally you would do this before the event, so if you know a storm is coming get out the oils!

They have many compounds that are very sedating and calming without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. And you and your home will smell great too!

For the past 17 years, I only use Young Living oils as they are totally pure and of the highest quality. Unfortunately other oils that you get, even from the health food store are not the same quality and may not be safe to use topically as they often have been diluted with solvents which make them unsafe for using directly on the skin or ingesting.

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