As we all are navigating extreme changes with a global pandemic and political and social unrest, perhaps more than ever we need to develop and rely on our inner knowing, or intuitive awareness. It could be the single most important skill we develop as we are faced with ongoing misinformation from many media sources, eroding our trust on a massive scale.

One of the easiest and most direct ways to do this is through learning the energy healing modality known as Reiki. Meaning “universal life force”, this form of energy medicine opens your energy channels through unique initiations from a Master. The practice of Reiki allows both giver and receiver to access and flow more life force, chi or prana through our energy systems to apply and treat ourselves, others, even plants and animals for a natural way to bring more harmony and balance to our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

What you may not know however, is that just by experiencing both giving and receiving Reiki, either in person or at a distance, you begin to tune in to the flow of subtle energy. This “tuning into the subtle energy” is what really awakened my intuition on all levels, and helped me recognize and eventually trust that “still small voice” within.

As I experienced subtle energy movements through my own body, and then repeatedly with others and even animals, it was like I was introduced to a whole new “language” of subtle perceptions. At first, I noticed the increased energy flow as it routed through open versus blocked channels or areas. Then I started to notice how these patterns of flow versus  obstruction were related to the core issues that needed balancing.

But what really helped me hone this new intuitive or gut knowing was sharing the sensations, details, images, emotions, etc with others. For instance, I would offer: “I am sensing a tightness here around the chest area, what are you noticing?” “I feel some sadness wash over me here, how are you feeling?” “I just got an image of an accident when you were young” does that resonate with you?” and these tended to open a whole new level of aha’s.

Giving and getting feedback in this way opened up a level of accuracy that I could begin to trust, at least enough to feel more and more confidant to ask permission to share any insights I may get as I do Reiki. These “insights” had the impact of really accelerating the healing process, for as people became aware of their inner patterns and energetic and emotional blockages at the core level, we were able to use that awareness to consciously release the old patterns, and re-choose a more healthful and positive way of thinking and being.

While everything I got did not directly translate into 100% truth in the moment, it often provided “food for thought” for the deeper healing journey. And definite patterns and refinements became evident to me. I became highly attuned to the subtle distinctions between different suppressed emotions, which are nearly always at the root cause of illness and pain.

The more I trusted and shared these perceptions, the deeper they grew and the more inner information I could access. When we learn how to “listen” to our body/mind/spirit, we strengthen our intuitive “muscle”, and there is a deepening level of insights to guide us to more wholeness and harmony.

Reiki Initiations Open “Third Eye” Chakra and Clairvoyance

Aside from sensing of the subtle energy flow during a session, the powerful and unique Reiki Initiations have far-reaching spiritual benefits. Many students report that during the energy attunements, they have incredibly beautiful and deeply mystical kinds of experiences. One that happens often is a classic “third eye” brow chakra opening, where they may have a vision of an eye opening on their forehead, which in eastern mysticism signifies the opening of our inner vision.

Also very common is seeing vivid colors and other images, often for the first time. These are deepening meditative experiences of awakening to our inner senses like clairvoyance or the gift of inner vision, or clairaudience, of getting words of wisdom, or clairsentience, one of my strong suits, of sensing subtle sensations. Some receive a strong instant download of information, or direct knowing, called clairomniscience.

Truth Has a Texture

One thing I could nearly always pinpoint, when someone was speaking about their issues, when they hit on a truth I could always feel it. Truth has a certain ring to it, a unique texture, if you will.  Not only have I learned to sense it for myself, but I have been able to teach this to my students as well, so they can learn to trust their own inner guidance signals.

While Reiki does not necessarily require an intuitive healing process, and there is really nothing you need to know in order to share a great energy healing session with Reiki, it certainly has proven to powerfully open up me and my students over three decades to trusting their gut more and more. Reiki has facilitated tuning into a whole new level of awareness of the gifts of deeper sensing and perceptions, and of profound connectedness to the Universal Field of awareness, clarity and truth that are possible for us all to move into greater alignment.

Our innate wisdom lies both deep within our bodies, and within our mental/emotional selves to be mined. Reiki has proven time and again to be a fabulous tool for awakening access to greater clarity, deep wisdom and inner knowing.

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