Miracles Happen card with colorful backgroundOne of the toughest decisions for someone who tends toward a more holistic, integrative approach to wellness is the treatment of cancer.  Mainstream western medicine has adopted chemotherapy and radiation treatments as the ‘standard protocol” and many believe those are the best options.  At the other extreme, some holistic practitioners espouse that you are being poisoned by Big Pharma companies for greed and massive profits only.

These polarized extremes create quite a conundrum for the poor patients who are faced with life and death decisions and very little time to wade through the myriad contradictory options. Mind you, this is not an article on the pros and cons of cancer treatments, but rather, how to make peace with the two radically opposed streams of treatment options.

Wherever you stand in this divergent continuum of beliefs, one thing I know for certain in my 25 years of energy healing is the need for patients, their loved ones and healers to get behind the treatment decisions FULLY for optimal healing.

Both medical streams, western and holistic, have something to offer. Once a choice is made, it is crucial to fully support those choices, as your mind and emotions have great healing power. We all have heard versions of this ancient wisdom truth: “As you think so shall you be.”  If you are feeling reluctant, or confused, or worse, that you are being poisoned, it can be devastating to your health and recovery.

Our thoughts and emotions have to power to heal, as they also have the power to destroy us. This is why in Japan several years ago there was a lively debate among the medical community on the ethics of telling patients they had cancer, as the diagnosis itself had such a powerful “death sentence” quality to it that many patients gave up instantly and perished as a result.  Some of the doctors actually substituted another more vague diagnosis, and found that patients lived longer.

Emotional Poison

In W.A. Chapman’s book “Your Cosmic Destiny” he describes experiments in a psychology laboratory, finding that hatred, anger and jealousy caused different colored condensates (saliva) from calmness and contentment, which upon analysis contained deadly poisons. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “spitting venom”.

Chapman reports “The poison of a few minutes jealousy is enough to kill a guinea pig, and an hour of hatred produces enough poison to kill 80 guinea pigs!  On the other hand, happy, loving, peaceful emotions produce some of the most powerful healing chemicals known to mankind. Research indicated that the emotion which causes cancer to grow faster than anything else is fear. If a person is in a fearful state, there is automatically a fight or flight state which is prolonged for the whole time the fear resides within.”

Decide to Fully Embrace the Chosen Treatments

Understanding how powerful your thoughts and feelings are, how can you make peace with something as controversial as chemotherapy?  You must decide differently. What you think about expands. So begin to install positive intentions for release and healing.

For example, in a lesser way, but still relevant, I found that I was constantly worrying about the purity of my food. Was it organic, or were they lying on the label and there were deadly pesticides? Could we actually be sure that rinsing vegetables removed toxins? Was the food GMO and not labeled? Every bite I took, I became aware of my mental and emotional dissonance with the food.

For years my husband and I always applied Reiki to our food and then would compare notes. We noticed that most foods we prepared had a strong positive energy that seem to emanate outward towards our hands. It had nothing to do with whether it was organic or not. However, at many restaurants, we had to Reiki the food for up to 5 minutes or more as it felt deficient and low energy. Even though I applied Reiki to all my food and water, I still worried about it. Then one day, I had a major AHA.  I realized I am way too powerful to be putting that negativity on my food, and that was perhaps the greatest poisoning effects, and certainly the one within my control.

So I declared from that point on that I would instead affirm that “All of my food nourishes me at the highest levels.” In a few months, no matter where I was eating, even if — god forbid — I had to eat fast food on the road, when I applied Reiki, all food beamed back a high vibration! 

HEALING INTENTIONS for Chemotherapy (or any treatments):

“I release all worry, fear and doubt, and any other energies that are not for my highest good and healing now!”

“All of my treatments are now healing my mind, body and spirit at the Highest Levels. I am at peace.”  

Reiki For Chemotherapy

iv bag hanging on a metal poleIf you or a loved one have been attuned to Reiki or other energy healing modalities, of course it is best to apply in person or distant healing as often as possible to support balance on all levels.  In addition, it can be extremely helpful to apply Reiki to the chemo bags directly.

Early on in my healing career I learned that my Reiki Master did this for her clients and many of them experienced little to no side effects that are normally quite debilitating. She taught that Reiki, or Universal Life Energy, helped align the energy frequency of the chemo into the patient’s frequency to maximize healing qualities and minimize the debilitating side effects.

Visualization for Chemotherapy

Visualize the chemo flowing through you to be the most powerful healing liquid light, bathing your body with exactly what is needed most for your body mind and spirit NOW to bring you into the highest level of HEALTH, VITALITY and WELLBEING.  And so it is!!

Healing Meditation for Chemotherapy Audio

I created this Healing Meditation and Visualization audio for a young friend with breast cancer.  I would love for you to share this with anyone who is going through chemo and would like some healing support.

You can find the audio for the Healing for Chemotherapy audio here.

Always remember that Miracles Happen and surround yourself with stories of healing and courage.


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