TRANSITIONS: A Time of Increased Intuition and Spiritual Gift
PART III : How Life Force Leaves the Body

While I prefer to teach about how energy healing has been successful at restoring bodily functions (aka life), I thought it might be helpful to share my observations of what happens during transitions. As an intuitive energy healer I have a unique perspective to describe what I sense during these often confusing times. Hopefully it will guide and support those of you who go through this yourself, and wish to be more aware of the subtle clues.

When I offer Reiki to someone who is ill, at times I have noticed that the life force, or prana, or subtle energy that permeates the body, is not flowing in certain areas. After a session of applying Reiki, generally the flow returns. Except when it doesn’t. This is often a sign that transition is happening and the life force has begun to release from the body.

I first noticed this when I was giving Reiki to a dear grandmotherly friend of the family. She had fallen ill and my mom asked if I would help. When I applied Reiki, I noticed there was no energy flowing at all from her root chakra at the base of the spine down her legs. Instead I felt a huge channel of energy connecting to the center of her body and flowing upward.

I applied Reiki for more than an hour and her flow did not change. Instinctively, I knew her life force had withdrawn from her feet on up to her belly, and also noticed her kidneys had shut down.

Without revealing my concern about her dying, I made sure she saw her doctor and she was admitted to a hospital immediately. It took them weeks to diagnose that she had kidney failure. I visited her often and she requested Reiki each time, as it seemed to be her only comfort as her body shut down. Even my mom, who was not into Reiki at the time, could see the tightness in her face relax as she drifted off in relief.

It was such a clear demonstration of what happens to the prana in the body during transition that it helped me to identify this process in others. This same experience has borne out many times to give me a heads up that a person’s or animal’s spirit is preparing to leave what one spiritual master referred to as “central jail” (aka the body).

Feet First
My spiritual teacher taught that the life force will make its final exit out the head or crown chakra in a “good death”. I have observed this many times in the AIDS hospice and in my practice — prana always seems to loosen its grip starting from the feet and releasing upward till it exits out the head.

Another way I have experienced transition cues is the inability to ground someone’s energy into the Earth. I once was treating a man long-distance who had lapsed into a coma. I tried many times to connect his root chakra with his grounding cord to help him to pull up some Earth energy into the lower part of his body. No matter how many times I visualized his grounding cord, it would not seem to stay connected to the Earth. He transitioned that evening.

When mom was in the hospital we gave her Reiki several times. At first I noticed that her life force was not flowing much below her lower belly around the second chakra. The next day Western medicine was giving us very mixed reports, as some indicators were improving even while others looked worse. However, when I checked again her energy was removed up to the solar plexus or third chakra.

The following day she had difficulty breathing, and when my partner and I applied Reiki we both felt her energy had released all the way to her throat. She transitioned very shortly after this experience.

Even so, some of her organ systems seemed to be improving so the doctors continued to treat her, and of course we all were hoping for a turnaround. Many times there is a burst of energy right before transition and it fools us all. The prana collects for one final hurrah as it takes energy to exit the physical form, and it is often mistaken for a physical improvement.

Animals demonstrate similar transition processes
Animals also have life force flowing throughout their bodies and it also takes a similar path as they transition. Sometimes I have treated pets that are having difficulty in their hind end. Most often it is a structural issue, when joints and musculature is weakening. However, there are occasions when none of the joint supplements seem to be working. This can be because the life force is leaving the body starting with disconnecting from the hind end. It may take months for the prana to leave completely, or it can be much quicker.

Helps to Prepare Us
Often both animals and people sense this shift and begin preparing long before anyone else realizes. My mom had many prophetic comments that she was leaving soon now that we look back over the past several months and compare notes.

My mom maintained a great sense of humor, and expressed a boatload of gratitude as she anticipated her Finale in form. By the time my entire family had gathered at the hospital, she was quite exhausted and deteriorating rapidly. When the final family members arrived, my two young nephews from Atlanta, she perked up briefly for their visit.

Then she whispered hoarsely something unintelligible. I moved closer but still couldn’t decipher it. I placed my ear to her lips and finally understood what were to be Mom’s last words: “Say goodnight Gracie!”

PS… Don’t despair! Coming next: Transitions Part IV: Taking Flight. Mom and others describe the Bliss of the Spirit Journey.

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