It’s spring, and I just completed preparing my front rose beds, which had become a very difficult task. Unfortunately I let them go too long, and the weeds were really entrenched. As I struggled to get through the “weed, feed and mulch” preparations, I was thinking how much this relates to our energy “gardening” upkeep as well.


If you are consistently rooting out and releasing your negative thoughts and beliefs, it is easier than if you let them fester unchallenged. We all know how once we entertain a negative cycle too long, we spiral down and it is way harder to change tracks. Much easier is to begin to notice the negative thinking and painful patterns and begin to re-choose. Weeding can also can also involve unplugging from toxic relationships or situations that no longer serve your highest good.


When we release a negative thought pattern, it is imperative to replace it with one that you desire instead. Feeding our mind/body by resetting our energy frequency, by consciously aligning to the vibrations we choose makes our energy soar in the direction we want. Even more powerful “fertilizer” is receiving energy attunements or initiations, like Reiki energy healing, that open and align your subtle channels to flow even more brilliant life force energy that is highly nourishing to body, mind and soul.


When gardening, adding a final layer of mulch helps the plants thrive. What in your life is your ‘mulch?” In other words, what keeps you thriving? What activities and practices nurture and protect your energy so you hold well-being, peace and joy more easily and consistently?

I would love to tell you that I am DONE with those prickly rose beds forever more. But we all know that it is a life-long process to keep them at their best. In the same way, tending our mental and emotional and physical state is an ongoing commitment, and regular energy management helps you keep your consciousness and vibration high much more easily.

Happy Energy Gardening!

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