In my previous article in this series, I shared how to access the Center of Your Head, which is your command center and stepping off point to your Higher Mind.

I first learned of this space from my spiritual teacher Ma Jaya. Initially I sought her out to seek guidance about how to do AIDS work without burning out. She pointed to a large photo of the great Indian avatar Swami Nityananda, and said I will teach you to enter the Chidakasha, the Heart Space in the Head, so you can work with compassionate detachment.

Soon I had a powerful and direct experience of this when my sister came to see Ma, as she was in a great deal of emotional distress. Ma saw that I was “feeling her pain” and asked me to first go into the chidakasha before I spoke.

I immediately felt a release of the intense emotions, and a calm yet clear ability to be present and aware, yet without the flood of sadness that had engulfed me watching my sister struggle.

In his Chidakasha Gita, Swami Nityananda explains that the Chidakasha Heart space is not a reference to the physical heart, nor the heart chakra located in the center of the chest. He refers to the Heart here as “the one, indivisible Sky of Consciousness that is the Absolute. This Heart is beyond the body and the senses and can be accessed through the Crown Chakra in the head.”

I spent many years mastering this “Heart Space in the Head” so I could better manage my extreme empathic sensitivity of feeling everyone’s pain and emotions. Yet it wasn’t till I met Jim Self of Mastering Alchemy that I learned a simpler way to describe and ultimately teach it to others.

Higher Mind: the Fifth Body

The Higher Mind is actually one of our bodies, like the Physical body, the Emotional body, the Mental body, the Spiritual body, and then there is the Higher Mind, the fifth body. It is a huge state of consciousness where we remember our stillness, quietness, certainty, focus, ease, flow, clarity, alignment, detachment, allowing, and balance.

Higher Mind Meditation

  1. 1. Find a comfortable relaxed sitting or lying down position.
  2. 2. Close your eyes, breathe relaxed, even breaths
  3. 3. Call all parts of yourself into the Present.
  4. 4. Bring your attention to the Center of the Head.

(Note: this is an actual “space” and it is literally in the center; for some it may be totally new as we have given away our power to others and are therefore out of our central alignment. Review how to access and clear the Center of Your Head Here

  1. 5. Make the intention to access your Higher Mind.
  2. 6. From the Center of the Head, move your focus 2” back and 1” up.

It feels like a location, but it is actually an expanded perspective, a place to live and perceive consciously. Feel the focus, the balance, the detachment. Observe from that quiet still-point.

  1. 7. Remember to continue breathing, relaxed, even breaths. Feel the quietness, the clarity, the focus, the ease.
  2. 8. Breathe from that feeling, walk around in that feeling, smile and say hello from that feeling.

This Higher Mind is a part of you. It holds the respect, the dignity, integrity, graciousness and conscious awareness of who you are. It is one of the two energetic still-points in the body, the Higher Mind and the Heart.

When they merge, we are able to then think with the Heart and act from the wisdom of the Higher Mind. You can live your life in the Higher Mind.

What a wonderful world it would be! So what did you notice in Higher Mind? Did your body/mind get quieter? Did you receive any insights? I would love to hear your experiences of the Higher Mind so we all can be blessed with your journey of expansion!

In the Highest Light

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