In my previous article I introduced the topic of Higher Mind as the gateway to higher consciousness and Universal Mind, and distinct from the analytical, logical and rational part of our mind. Higher Mind is the space I receive much of my intuition and direct knowing with clients and even animals.

In this series we are going to access two distinct places or alignments. First, I will share how to access the Center of the Head which allows you to get back into present time and take back ownership of your space, and seniority of your being. From that command center, I will guide you in the next article how to enter the Higher Mind, which is a huge state of consciousness where you will remember your stillness, quietness, focus, ease, and clarity.

Center of the Head: Reclaiming Your Command Center

meditate-sunrise-.mountainjpgThe Center of the Head is your command center. It brings you into present time, feeling the certainty of being in charge again. That certainty and seniority never disappeared, but that space of experiencing ourselves was compromised as we grew up.

Our mother/father/teacher/preacher, may have said “I have a better idea of how you should live your life” and naturally we shift out of the Center of the Head, and let them and their ideas slide right in.

For example, I shared this with a seasoned healer and she realized that she had never experienced being in the Center of the Head before! When she closed her eyes, she saw her mother’s face, and realized her parent’s overbearing nature had caused her to step out of her own authority. I suggested she politely but firmly command her mother’s energy and beliefs about who she is (and is NOT) to vacate the premises, and she did. She instantly felt clearer and lighter.

In this way we identify with other people’s truths and perceptions, and we gave up our space in order to be safe and accepted. Additionally, we are always in motion, stepping outside of ourselves, to have, be, do, “that” over there. Thus, our default space is to be out of our body.

This is how we all give away our power and step out of our true energetic alignment. It is often why you can’t find your certainty and clarity. If we try to create or manifest our dreams from outside ourselves, we are not very powerful or successful. By re-establishing your central alignment in this way, you are on your way to reclaiming your true and full connection to Soul and Source.

Meditation: Accessing the Center of the Head

Step 1: Finding Center
Take a breath. Relax your body. Connect with your Grounding Tube into the center of the earth. It’s as simple as an intention, a focus on its existence.
Now, touch each temple with your forefingers, and draw a line between the two. Now put your fingers between and just above your eyes to a point directly behind, at the back of your head and draw a line. Where they intersect is the Center of the Head, behind your eyes and slightly above. Bring your awareness to that point, take a relaxed breath and with your attention still on that point, close your eyes.

Step 2: Practice Non-Movement
With your eyes closed, look through your eyes from the Center of the Head as if they were windows, as if you are seeing what’s out in front of you. See if you can stay behind your eyes and with the next breath, open your eyes and see if you can stay observing what’s in front of you, without moving from behind your eyes.

Most likely, you jump out of our bodies the first time we do this. Now do not be behind your eyes, and blink, move your head from side to side. Notice the difference.

Practice opening and closing your eyes without moving out of the center. This may feel like you are straining because there are a lot of people and their opinions in there.

Step 3: Create Your Perfect Space
Once you have reclaimed your Center of the Head, it is wise to decorate it to your liking. It could be a mountaintop with a gorgeous vista; or Captain Kirk’s chair on the spaceship looking out at the cosmos. Claim the space. Make it yours!

TIP: Clear the Head of Other’s Energies with a Rose (or 4!)

  • Choose the image of a long stem rose (rose oil is the highest frequency)
  • Command the rose to clear any energies that are not yours; and that no longer serve you.
  • When the rose feels full, or you see or sense it wilting and complete, envision sending it into the Sun to turn to sparkle dust and transmute and return the energies to their source
  • Use more roses until you feel very light and spacious and clear

Step 4: Back to Center
After clearing with the roses, once again bring your focus back to the Center of the Head. Has the location slightly shifted? Often what we thought was the center is a bit off as we have accumulated other energies in our space in the form of thoughts, beliefs, concepts that are NOT our truth.

Understanding how to take back our central alignment is key to accessing our higher mind awareness and our certainty, clarity and intuitive connection. Who or what is occupying YOUR center? Time to take back your head!

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