Yeshua – Kumari 

During our Bliss Retreat, this beautiful and hope-filled message came through from Yeshua and I wanted to share some of it with you. For many years now I have been “tasked” with assisting in the anchoring of the Garden of Eden template once again on our planet. As I understand it, very briefly, this has not been available for many millennia; but is now an evolutionary potential. Yet we all need to play our part to fully realise this.

It took me quite some time to begin to wrap my head around this possibility, and frankly I had serious doubts both about the concept (just look at the news and it is hard to fathom). Not to mention, how I could possibly participate (who am I to do something this monumentally huge??) and for the first time in my 33 year spiritual journey, I considered refusing my energetic “assignment”.

But ultimately, my spiritual “team” prevailed, and I showed up for the downloads, which nearly blew me out after just a few minutes. like putting my fingers in a light socket, but times ten!  Intense energies poured through daily for nearly two years.

As Easter approaches, I wanted to share the “good news” with you as I found it highly encouraging, as well as a very direct calling for all light-workers and planet-shifters to stay focused and don’t quit. We are closer than it may appear.

Message from Yeshua

“There is an emptying and a simultaneous filling to this awakening process.

More and more it’s happening all at once. The releasing and becoming are no longer separate processes. They are merged into your embodiment. 

Your bliss is embodied within you — it will never be from outside of you.You know this you … or almost know this. 

And yet something magnificent is happening in your world. The possibility of Heaven on Earth has never been closer. Will you create it with us?

Will you step into your glory as a divine being, as a natural co-creator of the vibrations that are required to flesh out the beautiful details? The energetic fabric or template has been anchored just like Kumari has said (in Divine Human). It has been pulled closer and closer and closer to the earth realm.

Now it waits for you — to paint your picture. Like a blank new canvas;  it awaits your creativity, your input,  your artistry.

What would heaven on earth feel like to you?? Practice that. What would heaven on earth look like to you? Paint that. What would heaven on earth be like to you? BE that.

How would people interact and treat each other? Treat them this way now.
How would resources be treated and shared and distributed? Share them this way now. How would forgiveness become a part of your penal system? Forgive now. How would you want your children educated? Educate children in this way now

Heaven Happens in the Heart – First

Bliss is not just about you and never was. Your journey to Bliss here and forever more is intricately intertwined in creating heaven on earth for all….do you realize how powerful you are? Do you know how perfect you are to implement this vision? You keep thinking someone else will do it — some savior, some politician,  some fill-in-the blank, but the truth is, Heaven happens in the individual heart first and foremost. And swells out from there…

How does this sound? Do you feel this is possible? For this matters. Your ability to accept the Harmony and LOVE at this higher level is the first step to creating it.

Start small…start in your own heart. Stop fighting with reality as it is and love it. Love it into harmony, love it into forgiveness, love it into healing, love it into shifting.

Your resistance doesn’t need to constantly be offered up in order to change things. Your resistance is what needs changing. Choosing love and acceptance first breath, and then resetting your own reaction, your own vibrational configuration is the effort needed.

When you see that you have the ability to change your reality in this way everything shifts! You are at the cusp of a monumental leap in consciousness; a monumental shift in how your universe operates.

This next wave of evolutionarily impulse is the wave of heaven on earth. It is creating the Garden of Eden wherever you live — in your own heart first, then in your own home, then in your community. Bit by bit it filters through and becomes a stronger resonance for others to build upon.

This has already been happening both within the earth energetically and as a template; a cosmic template that is now being offered. It is now being downloaded by those who hear and feel and sense it’s closeness. This is the great work afoot.

Will you be a part of it? 

Will you be the HEART of it?

— Yeshua – Kumari

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