Healing Wild Horses Creates Magical Bond

Sebastian Sun, Front page, “Healing Wild Horses Creates Magical Bond”, 1/11/08

By Janet Begley, Friday, January 11, 2008

Animal Communicator Kumari Mullin helped a 12 year-old horse named Claude overcome some health issues through the use of Reiki, a Japanese healing art.

When 12-year-old Mustang “Ms. Mara” arrived at the Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims, Fla., last March, she suffered from head trauma, starvation and mental abuse. But with care she received at the center, she is being gentled, loves being groomed and doesn’t shy away from the human touch.

The Wild Horse Rescue Center will hold a multi-disciplinary clinic for animal care professionals on Jan. 19 and 20 that will discuss holistic healing tools for animals. The seminar will be presented by Animal Communicator Kumari Mullin; Holistic Veterinarian Kimberly Parker and Equine Massage and Aroma therapist Amy Schuck.

Ms. Mara is just one in a series of horse rescues success stories that animal communicator Kumari Mullin of Sebastian has played a role in. Mullin volunteers her services at the center and uses her skills in animal Reiki to help bring emotional and physical healing to animals in stress.

Developed in Japan a century ago, Reiki means “universal life energy” and is used at hundreds of American hospitals to speed healing and relieve pain in human patients. According to Mullin, Reiki helps to open different energy cycles in the body, allowing a life force to flow through her to an animal or person in need.

Mullin uses Reiki to help horses like Ms. Mara who are suffering from emotional stress which can manifest itself physically. “When I put my hands on a horse, you can see them relax,” said Mullin. “They sigh, their eyes flutter and the fear goes away. The change can really be dramatic.”

As an animal communicator, Mullin is able to read non-verbal messages from the horse, often detecting problems that medical professionals might have previously overlooked. “I would feel or sense things about the animal and they would validate them,” said Mullin. “To take care of them physically, you have to touch them and make them feel safe and comfortable.”

Wild Horse Rescue Center director Diane DeLano said that Mullin helped her communicate with Ms. Mara to let the horse know she was safe. “She let Ms. Mara know what was going on at the rescue center and that we were going to help her,” said DeLano. “Reiki works phenomenally well on horses that are under emotional distress.”

At the Atlantic Crossing stables in Vero Beach, Mullin worked with a large horse named Claude who was experiencing some health issues. By using Reiki, Mullin relaxed Claude and helped him overcome some physical issues with his hind legs.
Barn Manager Lorey Gillam said that since Mullin has been working with Claude, he’s a different horse. “He’s a lot more settled,” said Gillam. “Mentally and emotionally, he just seems better, freer and much quieter. It absolutely works.”

DeLano said that Mullin really bonds with the animals she helps at the rescue center. “Some of the horses really feel what she is saying,” said DeLano. “Horses are very intuitive animals and when they look at you, you can feel that they want to communicate with you. She helps facilitate that.”

The Wild Horse Rescue Center is located at 4970 International Avenue in Mims, Fla. At the center, mustangs rescued from abuse or neglect are rehabilitated and adopted out to qualifying homes. WHR also assists the Bureau of Land Management as a safe holding center for reassignment cases for horses. For further information, log on to www.mlwhr.com or call (321)427-1523.

Healing with Wild Horses, a holistic, hands-on multi-disciplinary clinic will take place on Saturday, January 19 and Sunday, January 20 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims. The cost for the seminar is $500 (organic lunch included) and space is limited. For further information, call (772) 589-9803 or e-mail Kumarijaya@bellsouth.net.

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