The Power of Intentions Workshop, Gulf Blessing & Fundraiser

with Dr. Masaru Emoto & Rev. Kumari Mullin

 In this momentous fundraising workshop, “Healing the Gulf: The Power of Intentions” internationally recognized Japanese researcher Dr. Emoto teams up with renowned animal intuitive healer Rev. Kumari Mullin, in St. Petersburg, FL on Saturday September 11th to demonstrate how cutting edge science and energy medicine technologies can help heal the Gulf waters and sea life.

In the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” Dr. Emoto’s groundbreaking water crystal photographs demonstrated how our thoughts and emotions can shift the crystalline structure of water. “Water has memory, Emoto proclaims, and we can come together collectively to heal ourselves and our environment.”  Rev. Kumari has a profound ability to teach powerful energy healing techniques that will awaken everyone’s natural healing abilities, and can be applied immediately to help heal the sea life in the Gulf.  Additionally, “Healing the Gulf” event will support National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to restore wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dr. Emoto lectures globally and has conducted extensive research both in Japan and Europe to show how our thoughts and emotions deeply impact us and the environment. He has facilitated water blessings around the world, and his audiences are in awe of the ‘before’ and “after” pictures illustrating the shift that occurs in the crystalline structure of water following the blessing.

“We are not Powerless!” declares Rev. Kumari Mullin, who will teach and demonstrate proven energy healing techniques that anyone can learn.  As a result, they can become more open channels for transmitting healing vibrations. Due to Kumari’s extensive expertise as an animal intuitive and Reiki Master, she will provide for the inclusion of healing the sea life in the Gulf.

Rev. Kumari is an internationally recognized and highly desired expert specializing in energetic problem-solving. For 22 years she studied with internationally acclaimed meditation masters, energy healers and spiritual teachers, including Penelope Smith, pioneer in interspecies telepathic communication. Kumari’s mission is to be a clear channel to inspire awareness and compassion on a global scale through exploring the human/animal spiritual connection.  Kumari has assisted thousands of people and animals worldwide to achieve extraordinarily profound transformations.

Healing the Gulf: The Power of Intentions” workshop and Gulf Blessing with Dr. Emoto and Rev. Mullin will be held at Unity Campus (4500 4th St. N, St. Petersburg FL) from 1:00 to 4:30 pm EDT September 11, 2010.  Following the workshop, we will relocate to the beach for a Gulf Water and Sea Life Blessing at 7:00 pm EDT. Call 727-522-6657 for tickets in person, or participate in a live internet TV broadcast of the workshop via Ustream on the Internet at

Contact Person: Rev. Kumari Mullin

8415 Salem Ave, Sebastian, FL  32958


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