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This poem is dedicated to all my clients, inspired by five time Olympian Anne Kursinski’s healing journey through child abuse by her trainer, that led her to stand up for the equestrian world to fully implement SafeSport awareness trainings. She received a standing ovation at the USEF Pegasus Awards for her distinguished service to the equestrian community, and was voted WiSP Coach of the Year!

What is truly magnificent is not just WHAT she is doing…telling her story of abuse, and naming the famous trainer as her abuser,  which was never her sole goal as she actually confronted him directly years ago; but HOW and WHY she agreed to the numerous interviews now, which included a NY Times article, and the results she was hoping for for all riders.

Anne Kursinski was careful to stay in total integrity while speaking up… while truly not looking back (though each time it does bring stuff up) but looking forward to solution, to true healing, and the necessary forgiveness so that she and hopefully many others, can find real peace and move on.

Also importantly, she was not taking the simplistic approach of demonizing her famous trainer, as he was truly such a brilliant horseman.  She refused the temptation to make it black and white,  but she has the willingness to accept his incredible gifts and skills, while at the same time calling out the terrible personal behaviors. It was an intricate dance to stay centered and clear throughout. That is what was so beyond to witness…true healing with great compassion for all.

Healing is Never Just About You

Anne K Coach of YearIt is the most self-less, the least self-serving act that anyone undertakes.

While at first the journey may feel like the most personal, intimate, even self-centered navel staring excavation you could imagine,

it is never just about you.

The healing journey is the heroes journey.

When you have the courage to heal a part of your core wounding, you are not just mending your own soul, but evolving the Soul of All.

After courageously crawling through life’s thicket of treacheries

feeling like you are re-scraping your hands and knees for years, even lifetimes,

eventually your healing journey brings you to a clearing,

and you STAND UP.

You stand up because you notice you’re strong enough now.

You have let the light in to your most painful cracks, your most vulnerable crevices, your deepest cuts and warrior wounds, and you find after the initial sting, somehow the sun mended you.

You stand up not because you’re looking for revenge, for you have learned not to burden your own heart anymore with the weight of anger and you are no longer looking backward.

You stand up not to be seen, not to regale in old stories of victimhood, as you are now scripting your new story.

You speak up not for yourself anymore, but because others need you to.

You speak up, gently yet resolutely declaring “No more.”

You speak up simply “We can do better than this.

We MUST do better for the next generation”

And every so often, in that rarest of wonders,

the world stands with you.

And it is soooooo sweet.

And it is sooooo TIME.

With great respect


I am honored to stand with you… always.

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