Fiery sunrise over monuments of WashingtonThis is a time of great imbalance…as the old structures of your government, your political and economic systems need to be dismantled in order for the new higher dimensions to be birthed, for true balance to take hold. It is also the same within, there is an eruption of the seeds of discontent, the sorrow and fears that have plagued humanity for lifetimes must now be tended. Do you rip them out? Do you carefully hoe them from the good plants? Do you poison the whole field with hate and judgment?

How do you tend those parts of you that are insecure, unstable and unwilling to stand in the light of awareness? Do you berate yourself for having such thoughts/actions? Do you acknowledge the darkness within with compassion? Do you speak it so you can see it and heal it at a deeper level? DO you love the night as you do the day? For it is in the night that all things that are hidden come out to play. This is happening now…all the undercurrents of people’s fears and judgments are coming to the surface. Unpleasant and ugly at times? YES of course…destabilizing and destructive? very possibly. Unable to be healed, and reconciled? Not even close. For the closer things are to the surface, the more opportunity you have to deal with them, to heal them. When these lower tendencies are more subterranean you have very little ability to arrest them…to rearrange them, to use them, to diffuse them.

This is YOUR time…to do the deeper healing. The culling of the wheat from the chaff so to speak. To take back your power as a being of great light, great wisdom, great understanding and great clarity. Your power to transmute is unlimited, yet most are barely using it. Use your power to transmute, you are all alchemists in this way.

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