everyone can be a healer

Everyone Can
Be A Healer

What’s blocking you from being happier, healthier, more prosperous, more balanced?

Suppressing your true feelings and denying the pain and trauma of your past can wreak havoc on the life you are living today!


Through acknowledging and accepting your feelings and learning how to manage your own energy, you can loosen the grip the past has on your mind, body, and spirit and get un-stuck – for good. And that is just the beginning!

Let me ask you…

  • Are you aware of the skills and gifts you hold within you?
  • Are you ready to release the old “stuff” that is holding you back?
  • Do you want more happiness and loving kindness, more well-being and vitality, more ease and balance?

With my expert guidance, you’ll learn simple yet potent techniques and experience powerful teachings that will allow you to clear past trauma from your energy field, connect directly with your emotional body, and open, activate and balance your energy centers.

The courses listed below will support you on your journey to new levels of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, harmony and de-light.

Get ready to feel empowered, uplifted and renewed!

Anne Kursinski

Major changes and great results in horses and students

Thank you for helping me to remember to “embrace my Reiki!” Since you were at Market Street barn, I’ve seen major changes & great results in horses & students. Working with this Reiki energy is truly remarkable. I am extremely thankful for your teaching and sharing your gift with me.

Anne Kursinski
5-time Olympic equestrian show jumper, trainer, author
Sue Tsigaros

Magical transformational healing; even my chiropractor was AMAZED!

It has been a wonderful day since we had our healing over Skype today.  So much release of very old deep wounds –from the instant mutual recognition of massive ages of pain, to the magical down-pouring of cleansing, healing, balancing Light – to the gift of knowing and receiving my own healing spirit entities… it has been a totally transformational day!

When I went to my chiropractor later on this afternoon, he was amazed that my body had got to this stage of relaxation and healing so fast.

Sue Tsigaros
CEO and Executive Coach, Australia
Cher Bertrand

Truly amazing!  Long-term shoulder pain fully gone in a few minutes!

“I have never felt energy this powerful, this quickly. My shoulder pain, which I had for many months, went fully away in a just a few minutes of treatment. You are truly amazing!!!!!  Your hands and mana (Hawaiian word for life force) are truly amazing!”

Cher Bertrand
Entrepreneur, Hawaii
Cathy Robinson

“Kumari has a gift unlike anything I have ever seen. In my battle with cancer and HIV, her ability to transfer healing energy has not only brought me physical relief from pain, it has given me a greater sense of wholeness.

Learning Reiki, my husband and I were both able to use this energy on ourselves and together have certainly increased my quality of life. I am forever grateful to Kumari for opening those doors for us. Although not the only reason I am still alive today– it is a key factor. Ten years later Kumari is still an important part of my well being.”

Cathy Robinson
Exec. Director, Friends-Together, FL

Kumari’s Personal
Healing Story

Why I Became a Healer

In 1988 I was a newbie civil rights attorney with Legal Aid when my father died suddenly of lung cancer. I remember sitting by his bedside in ICU watching him gasping for breath, profoundly wishing I could do so much more for him. Little did I know that from that deep desire to ease his suffering sprang a calling to not only help others heal, but to deepen my understanding and acceptance of death.

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I had no idea what a meditation master or a Reiki master was, but I found myself studying with both that year, beginning a lifelong commitment to mastering energy medicine and spiritual healing for myself, my family, my students, and our animals.

My fathers’ untimely death became the catalyst for a whole new way of being. I have healed myself when I suffered what my chiropractors called “the worst torn rotator cuff in 30 years” without surgery. I have had suspicious moles disappear overnight several times, and a broken foot mended instantaneously. My students have had tumors disappear, bones and hearing loss mend, and lifelong allergies vanish.

While these amazing results have been beyond my wildest dreams, my deepest joy now is empowering YOU to unwrap your innate healing gifts.

Let me show you how…

Healing Courses

Energy Alchemy Mastery

A year long deep dive small group program to apprentice with Kumari and claim your intuitive, healing and spiritual Mastery so you can become the teacher, healer, conscious leader, and planet-shifter the world needs you to be.


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Energy Alchemy Level I

Awaken Your Soul. Become the Alchemist and be able to shift from one state to your desired outcome.

Begin learning how to manage your energy so you can be proactive rather than reactive, setting your vibe where you want, and lessen the chaos around you.


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Energy Alchemy Level II

Reclaim your Power & Spiritual Sovereignty, Expand Higher Mind Intuitive Awareness & Activate your Sacred Heart


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Reiki Energy Healing

Learn the Usui System of Natural Healing, commonly called Reiki, which is a Japanese healing art that connects the student to a greater flow of Universal Life Force, which flows through every living thing. Kumari has been empowering students to connect to their healing power via in person trainings since 1993.


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Transform Your Super-Sensitivity to Your Super-Power

Awaken Your Soul. Become the Alchemist and be able to shift from one state to your desired outcome.

Begin learning how to manage your energy so you can be proactive rather than reactive, setting your vibe where you want, and lessen the chaos around you.


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Awakening Healers Collective

Awakening Healers Collective is a compassionate, energetic global community offering personal intuitive guidance and energy alchemy tools for spiritual growth, profound healing, and real transformation.


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Still think being a healer is a special “gift”?

The truth is that everyone can learn. Energy Healing can help you achieve deep relaxation, physical/emotional healing and significant personal and spiritual growth, or offer healing to family, friends even animals. In this audio training, you will discover simple healing tools that even a novice can apply immediately, plus how you can become a certified healing practitioner.

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