I am deeply grateful to all of those who joined us live yesterday (and many who were there in essence and intention)  for the Free Global Healing and Meditation.  Your presence makes the energy more and more powerful each time we gather together.  Hundreds of people and animals participated all around the globe from US, Canada, Mexico, to the UK, Australia, India and Kuala Lumpur!

FloodlightI mentioned that I began to ask at the end of the distant healing sessions over the past few years “what did we just do together?” as it began to become clear that these were significant activities of Light, not just individual healings to unconnected participants.  Over the years, I began to “see” the effects in terms of expanded light patterns.  At first, just small points of light dotting the Earth, and then growing each Healing to interconnect into a web of light, and finally we created a veil or cloud illuminating the earth.

But this time was different.  I saw a funnel or huge beam of light shooting out into the cosmos in a wide swath.  I didn’t comprehend what I saw until this morning after yoga I meditated and saw giant glowing crystals.  I asked what they represented.  Here is the answer I received:

We activated giant dormant crystals within the earth, becoming ‘transducers’ of Light thus fulfilling a facet of our Ascension process.  This portion of our Ascension process is to reclaim Earth’s status as a ‘christed’ planet.  When enough of us awaken to our true nature, the divine beings that we are, and we elevate our vibratory energies in groups, we send out a powerful signal (the beam of light) throughout the cosmos that we are readying ourselves for the final step.  We climb the evolutionary ladder once and for all, and no longer can Earth slip back into the darkness of the lower dimensions.  Well done. “

~ The Council

Wow, I know it felt very different this time, and honestly I am still digesting the fullness of this message.  I did look up transducer as I didn’t even know this word; it is a device that converts a signal in one form of energy to another form of energy.

Before I delve any further on this, I really would love to hear all of your experiences so please chime in and comment below.

Global Healing Recording

Here is the healing meditation audio recording here if you would like to listen.

Bonus Healing Tip:  Well-Being and Vitality

Too often we focus on what we wish to get rid of, stop happening to us, or even release energetically.  In other words, what we don’t want.  Yet we forget the power of re-connecting to what we DO want.  Aligning with the positive possibilities for our experiences, our health, and our happiness is perhaps even more important as letting go of what is not working.

Often this re-alignment to what we do want is all that is needed, as we find that less and less effort lately is required to manifest our desires, IF we are clear what we are asking to experience.  Otherwise, the default state or experience will be what it was in the past until we clearly and consciously re-choose.

Much of the 3rd dimensional reality was hooked into “surviving.”  The true essence of the 1st chakra was not just surviving, it was meant to be thriving.  Total well-being and vitality was the original essence of our base chakra, wherein we house our connection to the Earth and our physical experience.  For lasting healing and happiness, we need to re-align ourselves to Well-Being and Vitality.

BONUS Energy Technique: Word Vibration Alignment for Greater Healing

  • Breathe deeply and call yourself, all of your thoughts and energies back to the Present.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Center and ground yourself, connecting to earth energy.
  • Call in the vibration and frequency of Well-Being and Vitality.  Intend that your body, mind and spirit connect fully with these energies until you feel a shift.  The Well-Being “station” contains an amazing storehouse of wisdom and knowledge of this enormous state of Well-Being and can begin to download this chosen experience in myriad ways.

Note: Thinking them is only the first cue through the mental level, you want to call on and anchor in the frequency, just like tuning to a specific radio station, till the tunes are playing within every part of you. Or like it is a new coat that you will wear around from now on.

Result: The Higher vibration always wins! Many of the energies and states you spend time to understand, and release, you don’t even have to work on. These lesser vibrations will naturally fall away as you consciously realign and rewire to the higher frequency of Well-Being.

If you would like to go deeper into the transformative power of the Word Vibration techniques, you can listen to my complimentary training audio: “Quick Energy Techniques for Greater CLARITY, EMPOWERMENT & EASE” by entering your name and e-mail address into the box at the top of my website.

Again, I would REALLY appreciate hearing from you about your experiences of this Global Healing and meditation… so please chime in below in the comments!

Radiant Blessings and Gratitude,


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