Anne KI was waiting for the right moment to share a very special interview I did with my long-time client, 5 time Olympian Anne Kursinski about how animal communication solved a serious issue with her new jumper., who was suddenly and inexplicably acting out — rearing and spinning and refusing to go out of the barn at all!!!

You will receive many insider tips about how Anne and I worked together, using animal communication and Reiki, to solve this mystery.

Within only one day, the jumper was able to drop his dangerous behavior and shift his emotions to began winning many jumping competitions!

Listen to this amazing audio interview with me and Anne Kursinski here:

Watch Anne and Caspar fly in Grand Prix here:

I have to admit I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do…and teaching you how to do this is my greatest blessing and cherry on top!!!

 Animal Communication Retreat Fundraiser

–May 6th & 7th at Panther Ridge in Wellington, FL

Amos-close-2-300x225Whether you are just beginning your journey to connecting telepathically with animals or are a more advanced student who wishes to refine your intuitive skills and deepen your awareness of what animals think and feel, this Animal Communication Retreat will transform you and your relationships to animals and all of nature. There is nothing quite like communing with the Big Cats at Panther Ridge…you will be forever grateful for this enchanting heart-opening experience.

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This live retreat now also includes my home study course Awakening to Animal Communication Foundation, my ebook Animal Communication Magic & Miracles 13 Keys to Deepen Your Bond with Your Pets, Improve Health & Change Behavior Immediately, and meditation audio Connecting with All Life to help you to quickly get into the “zone” where telepathic communication happens.

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