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If you would take just a moment and sign up below, you will receive a potent audio program entitled “Quick Energy Techniques for Greater Clarity, Empowerment and Ease”. If you are wanting to make a shift and not sure how to begin? The simplest way to align with higher states of awareness is by consciously demonstrating the vibration or feeling of selected “Living” words. The more harmonic your resonance and alignment, the easier it is to create your dreams. In this teleclass I share simple yet profoundly effective tools to help you immediately relieve stress and overwhelm; feel more present and focused; gain clarity and increase creativity.

You will also receive my bi-monthly complimentary Ezine, Kumari Healing News with original articles and valuable tips on reiki, energy healing, intuitive development including animal communication, and manifesting along with up to date information regarding ongoing learning opportunities with me. One reader praised the articles as “real writing” and other readers tell us how they are able to go out and instantly implement the techniques for profound results.

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