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In this interview, I dive into my experiences, the essence of my work, and the profound impact it’s had not just on me, but on those I’ve had the privilege to connect with. It’s a story of transformation, healing, and the power of embracing your true path.  I hope my story can inspire you to have the courage to follow your heart and love’s path for you.

Kumari, we’re thrilled to have you on our platform and we think there is so much folks can learn from you and your story. Something that matters deeply to us is living a life and leading a career filled with purpose and so let’s start by chatting about how you found your purpose.

Just as my career as a civil rights attorney was taking off, my father became ill. At first he thought it was pneumonia, but the x-rays showed that he had lung cancer. He was just 60 and was happily planning to travel and “see America”. Instead in a few short months my dad took his last breath. Shortly after returning to work, a colleague of mine at Legal Aid introduced me to her Meditation Master from India, and I recalled my intention years earlier to learn meditation. Many spiritual seekers expend a lot of effort to find their teacher, but there is a saying that “when the student is ready, the Master appears.” That was certainly the case for me.

One door closes——another opens. Looking back, I really don’t think I would have been open to this strange new universe filled with gurus, spiritual practices of chanting in ancient languages of Sanskrit, sitting cross-legged for hours in meditation, obscure study of ancient spiritual texts, dizzying pranayama practices and yoga at 4 am! But losing my father catapulted me into needing to understand death and dying, and a deep desire to alleviate suffering.

My logical lawyer mind began to give way to experiences of incredible ecstasy (non-pharmaceutical!), amazing insight, profound other-wordly wisdom, and unexplained phenomenon beyond the ordinary senses. She spoke of things I had never heard of…like awakening the kundalini energy that is dormant at the base of the spine. That happened almost instantly. I had a classic eastern spiritual awakening complete with vivid light shows, amazing visions, spontaneous yoga postures and tremendous physical sensations, including a profound sense of connection and oneness.

I also started to feel my hands had healing capacity, and I knew if I placed them on someone their headache would go away. But I didn’t really understand what I was doing, or how, so I found an ancient energy healing art called Reiki and I took the first seminar I heard about. Strangely, a few months previously I heard a colleague describe a Reiki session where she felt things in her body moving, without any physical touch. My response: “That is just not logical!”

All day before the Reiki training I had a huge migraine, only the second one in my life. I could barely see to drive to the training that evening it was so intense. Yet a few moments after entering the room, my migraine disappeared, and we hadn’t even begun to practice!

On day two, as we were awaiting the energy initiations from the Master, I “heard” this sentence: “This is your path.” The words were accompanied by a deep knowing that rang true for me.

Yet in the class, the other seven students were all having dramatic sensations of tingling in their hands when they applied Reiki to a fellow student. But for me, bupkiss…no tingles, nada. Great, I thought. I discover my true purpose in life is to be a healer, and I am a total dud!

But the final practice we did as a group, and we each placed our hands on a different part of the body of a recipient. I was focused on the abdomen, but without the tingles off and on signal, I didn’t really know when I was supposed to move to the next position. Then I heard once again, “It is time to move to the next position.” Did I really hear that correctly, or was it my own mind? Just then, the Reiki master looked up, and said exactly “It is time to move to the next position.”

I was heartened; maybe I was getting things another way than tingling sensations. Maybe i just KNEW when to change positions and move on.

In addition to awakening and amplifying my energy healing gifts through Reiki, this was also the beginning of my inner guidance or intuition strengthening in the form of Direct Knowing.

Over the past 33 years I studied and lived with meditation masters, spiritual teachers and healers, in an intense quest to understand illness and death, and to discover new ways to ease suffering and provide more peace.

I will not tell you it was an easy path once I knew my purpose. It took enormous amounts of both faith and courage sprinkled liberally with good old fashioned hard work to become a successful Reiki Master, spiritual teacher, intuitive coach and best-selling author.

Some might say the cost of following my heart was too steep—I left a fulfilling job and respectable career, was homeless and penniless too often, moving over 10 times in one year; I lost friends and respect and support of my family, and more than one marriage ended in divorce.

But I don’t see it that way. I have no regrets. My journey following my heart has brought me an incredible certitude and insight and amazing teachers, friends, students and a wonderful partner. My family and friends have accepted me and some are now my students!

My father’s death transformed my life and so many others have been blessed by the path that his passing opened for me. As a direct result of me awakening to my purpose, I now have facilitated healing for thousands of people and animals physically, mentally and emotionally; I empower people to shine their light and be the healers, teachers and leaders they are meant to be; I help people identify their soul purpose, and in so doing I accomplish mine.

Thanks for sharing that. So, before we get any further into our conversation, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what you’re working on?

I empower coaches, teachers, healers and conscious leaders to awaken their healing, manifesting and intuitive gifts, and abide in their Soul-full Self. So-called miracles have become the norm, not just for me, but for the thousands I have taught, as they learn to manage their energy and mindset.

The art of energy alchemy is the ability to transform one state into another, for example from stressed to serene, or from depressed and ill to energized and elated. I never tire of empowering students with these energy tools that have truly transformed so many lives, including animals. I offer training from beginning to advanced levels in Energy Alchemy, Energy Healing and Reiki, Animal Communication, Intuitive Development and Quantum Creating.

One of my signature offerings is the in person 2 day Bliss Retreat, where I reveal techniques that very often allow participants to taste the rarified state of spiritual ecstacy very quickly. I am also sharing a newly revised online course entitled “Enlightened Empaths: Transforming Your Super-Sensitivity to your Super-Power” so highly sensitive persons can more easily manage their energy and emotions and stop feeling so drained and impacted by other people’s stuff. These energy tools were all game changers for me, as I am an extreme empath, which often made it challenging for me to be around a lot of people without feeling exhausted. Now, this same sensitivity allows me to sense and feel everyone, even over the phone, as I am working with them so I know what to focus on that will help them make the shifts into happy, healthy, wealthy and wise beings they are longing for.

One of the reasons this is possible, is that I have learned the rare “art of transmission” from my master teachers. That is, I not only teach about what is possible from the intellectual plane, but I embody and transmit the high consciousness states that I am teaching about. This makes a world of difference as clients are entraining easily into my higher vibe, without the need to sit in lotus for years on end, or to study and learn difficult esoteric principles.

And finally, my most recent passion project: I joined the board of a charity called Ten Million For World Peace, whose mission is to gather meditators for just 7 minutes a day to focus on world peace, and especially world leaders, to uplift them to make choices for the highest good of all humanity. These peace “experiments” have been proven to help reduce violence by as much as 20% in the past so we are very encouraged that together we will have a significant impact. Plus, everyone who participates gets to enjoy feeling less stressed and more serene themselves, so it is a win-win.

If you had to pick three qualities that are most important to develop, which three would you say matter most?

My Reiki Master once told me I have a child or “beginner’s mind,” and therefore she can teach you. Too many come into the teachings already feeling they know a lot, and it blocks the ability to truly learn and grow. I cherish this quality, and am always open to learning and evolving.

Since I discovered my life purpose through listening to my intuition, I would have to say that is super important to me, and I make every decision, no matter how small, based on my inner guidance. It doesn’t always make sense in the moment, but I have witnessed time and again how my inner compass leads me to the most amazing journeys and outcomes beyond my wildest dreams. Personally, I think it is the most important skill to cultivate for everyone, bar none.

One of the reasons my students awaken to their gifts of energy healing, intuition and manifesting super quickly and easily is that I have learned the rare “art of transmission” from my master teachers. That is, I not only teach about what is possible from the intellectual plane, but I embody and transmit the high consciousness states that I am teaching about. This makes a world of difference as clients are entraining easily into my higher vibe, without the need to sit in lotus for years on end, or to study and learn difficult esoteric principles. It is a game changer.

One of the early challenges is learning to discern which ideas are inspired, and which come from the overactive ego mind, I would suggest that you begin to trace the thoughts back to their source, and feeling where they originated from. The whispers emanating from the cave of the heart are the ones to trust. One of my revered teachers, Swami Nityananda, profoundly summed it up:

“The heart is the hub of all sacred places;
Go there and roam.”

If you knew you only had a decade of life left, how would you spend that decade?
One of my challenges lately is that I have been teaching for three decades, in numerous arenas, and I have more amazing content than I know what to do with!! I have so much to share, and I love taking students into the deep end, but I realize I may overwhelm them. So I am currently restructuring and simplifying and condensing my courses so that I am more focused and step by step on one inclusive training curriculum with several levels. I will be rolling this new structure out in the coming year so stay tuned.

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